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February Inventory

I just don’t do well with short things.  Short weekends, short men, short months – I’m just not interested.  You’re just not for me.

February, essentially you just let March sneak up on me.  And your inconsistency?  It kills me.  Is it not enough you get to be short but then you also feel the need to mix it up every four years and take an extra day.  I don’t know who you think you are.

With that being said, here is February’s recap, five days into March.

Purchase Original Actual
AQUA tribal print tunic $78 $17
Rachel Roy, The Manhattan Dress $120 $44
Steve Madden sandals $69 $55
American Apparel black crop $24 $24
American Apparel bikini $58 $0
Ecote kimono robe $69 $19
Abas oversized clutch* $130 $50
Kelsi Dagger pink suede flats  $100 $29.99
My Theorie Valentine’s event $48 $3
Firth long sleeve yellow dress $168 $39.99
Gilt City Raid the Warehouse ticket $15 $15
OnJuice one day cleanse  $75 $0
Brynn UGG boots $279 $159.99
Guess fur vest $138 $37
Sushi at Machiya Midtown $53 $34

The total of all the items on the blog in the month of February would’ve been $1424.  Only $528 was spent, saving a total of about 63%.

Take that short month.

xo Rae

sunrise guess vest