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BDG chambray denim button up shirt

I may have found a distraction

Like a tennis ball for a puppy, a Ferrari for a golddigger or a babe for any red-blooded American male, however short term it may be, it seems I might have a little distraction from buying all black everything.  Realistically, black will always be “the new black” in my life but I do attempt to step outside my box and lately I’ve finding myself in a lot of different dressing rooms with a lot of different (you would never guess it) chambray/denim shirts.

I have found them to be very versatile and complimentary to my existing wardrobe.  Although when buttoned up (partially or all the way) they may not be particularly asset enhancing or flattering, I just have a true appreciation for them.

BDG chambray denim button up shirt

I picked up another BDG one at Urban Outfitters last Wednesday at the Collins Ave. location on the beach.  It was marked down from $59.99 to $29.99, a 50% savings.  I wore it with dark denim jeans cuffed to go with my Steve Madden sandals to work and to happy hour at Wood Tavern in Wynwood, which by the way, is AWESOME and to the new neighborhood spot, Biscayne Diner, with leggings and little Keds sneakers.

Maybe this shirt will get the chambray out of my system… doubt it.

xo Rae

beyonce in brooklyn nets hat

I’d like to make a request

Ehhh, I’ve made some full price purchases recently.  Although I am absolutely keeping them and not having buyers’ remorse, I am looking for some things in particular for once butI just cannot seem to find the right ones.

I’d like to request some help.  There are three things I really want and maybe I am struggling searching for them because I don’t have similar items in my current wardrobe.

1. Specialty Skinnies – I am super interested in some subtle camo printed or tan (think original Timberland boot colored) jeans, not jeggings, minimally to try on.  Ya know, because I could try on a couple pairs and hate them but I simply haven’t come across the right pair to try on.

kourtney kardashian camo

2. Sneakers – Yes, short girls, you all look super cute with your hidden wedge sneakers or Converses but I sure don’t need a hidden wedge and Cons make my feet look long.  So I am looking for some sneakers to broaden my footwear horizons.

3. Hats – I realized in this mild-weather March, that there are frequently weekend morning or week nights where I want a hat on.  I had a couple in college ranging from snapbacks, to fitted, to five panel types.  I was eyeing a Stussy one but it was kind of huge for my head and I think I need some guidance.

beyonce in brooklyn nets hat

Beyonce in her boo’s team hat.

Now, this is a multi-part request.  I am looking for each of these items to be pretty cool and OBVIOUSLY I am interested in them having some sort of discount so I can share them with you.

Please comment, tweet (@raewitte), Facebook or email suggestions!  Thanks!

xo Rae


charity, hockey, Sunday, open bar AND a discount? You’re coming.

Here’s a heads up in advance because I know I regularly write more of a review of the event I attend.  Well, it just so happens this is an event I’ll be hosting and it hits so many levels of awesomeness I can think of very few reasons why you wouldn’t attend (aside from geographical location of course).

So, on Sunday, April 7 with the help of the Florida Panthers, you are officially invited to enjoy the Panthers vs. Senators game.  The Panthers have been generous enough to allow me to invite all of you to enjoy the game on the club level.  This means there will be complimentary parking, food, beer and wine.


It will only cost you a $50 donation with all proceeds going to my Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Woman of the Year campaign.

At this $5o donation, you are saving anywhere from $50 to $100 as club level seating generally runs from $100 to $150.

With the aforementioned levels of awesome ranging from being charitable, to hockey, to Sunday Funday, to discount club level seats, I really hope you can make it!

To attend, click here, hit that DONATE NOW button and in the comments, please indicate you will be attending the game.  Next, forward this along to all of the friends you want to party/be charitable/watch hockey with and ask them to do the same.

If you can’t make it, you can still donate and any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance and hopefully I will see you there!

xo Rae


lf store military boyfriend cargo jacket picsitch

combat boots and bodysuits

In my wildest dreams, I could live life everyday in combat boots (or any badass pair) and bodysuits.  In reality, clothing such as…. pants, for instance, are required.  So, how I see it, I might as well get some other articles clothing to wear too.

Remember when I said, if you speak to me and I am going to the LF sale, inflict physical harm on me or minimally stop me?  You all failed.  Or I may have not mentioned it, to anyone.  In my defense, they were having their final days of the sale and marking down everything further.  In that case, I thought to myself, this would justify the sweater or jacket I originally wanted to pick up but hadn’t.

The military, cargo, boyfriend jacket was originally $175 and that initial 60% was not enough.  However, with the final mark down bringing the price to $28, was undeniable.  That’s an 84% discount!

Now I just need some pants since I don’t think combat boots, a bodysuit and a jacket are appropriate.  Wait, maybe combat boots, a BATHING SUIT and the jacket?  I need to go to bed before I use the excuse that everything is socially acceptable in Miami.

lf store military boyfriend cargo jacket

xo Rae


beach becks crop


Entertaining visitors never gets old for me.  I really to love having my friends fly in on weekends.  However, this particularly mild March we are having has been bringing me out to the beach on days that I normally might have opted otherwise.

The water is cold.

It’s not even 80.

Partly cloudy?!  Ugh.


While everyone in the northeast is getting more snow as I type this, I am reminded of how grateful I am for our weather and how those that grew up here simply will never understand how good they have it.  Those of us who didn’t grow up here, mustn’t forget 75 is still warm enough to hit the beach and to embrace the cool breeze because come July we will be wishing for it.

On Saturday, the high was only like 76 as we set out to combat the UMF traffic and get a spot on the beach with our visitors.  Being that the music festival brings an influx of tourists, running back to my house midday wasn’t really an option.  In an effort to be a little more prepared for what our day would involve, I opted to wear my cut off Levi’s (obviously), bring my Tahari skirt (in case it cooled down and we decide to walk around), wear my black AA bikini and wear my new three quarter sleeve crop from UO.

I had been looking for a crop specifically to wear with my variety of high waisted shorts, maxis and jeans and it seemed appropriate to break it out.  I even got the opportunity to take this silly South Beach inspired selfie in the lobby at the Shelbourne, where some friends were staying, specifically for this post, fancy huh?

lucca couture crop

The crop was originally $39.99 and I got it on sale for $15 or about 62%off.  After wearing it with the shorts to the beach and with a maxi later for an impromptu trip to the mall, I am extra pleased with my purchase.  If you’re interested,  considering I just picked this up last week, it should still be available in stores or online.

xo Rae


life is too short to be uncomfortable or unnacttractive

I am LOVING this mild weather we are still experiencing.  Normally by this time, with the influx of EDM misfits and Spring Breakers, the humidity is creeping back in and the heat is becoming a constant, relentless 78+ plus degrees around the clock.

Not this year though.  I wish these cool nights would stick around until May because with the coolness comes layers, wider varieties of shoes and the desire to wear something more than a bathing suit.

With that being said, here is a  typical outfit of the day.  Unlike other posts where there’s dinner, drinks or doormen involved today’s outfit was perfect for errands and a pedicure and it’s compiled mostly of some of my favorite items on the blog.  There’s no reason to run around uncomfortable or unattractive.  Life is too short.



The gear:

BDG Denim Shirt $59.99 to $14.99 from Urban Outfitters

Tahari Skirt $80 to $39.99 from TJMaxx

American Apparel bodysuit, full price at $28.00

Steve Madden Sunkissed sandals $69 to $55 from Steve Madden store

Ashbury Griffin shades $85 to $35 at a Gilt Warehouse Sale in Miami

Sideways cross necklace from a boutique in Brooklyn Heights would’ve been $40 elsewhere, was $9

dog FREE

I accessorized with a couple bracelets and my Michael Kors which were gifts.  But really when I could’ve spent $333.99 (sans pup) and it only cost me $181.98.  My total savings on this casual ensemble $152.01, or easily enough for another entire outfit.

I may or may not have picked up some blog worthy items during this evening of “errands”.

xo Rae


milly andie pebbled tote gilt image

Promo codes and free shipping are my GILTy pleasures

With frequent flights, a plethora of electronics and a long commute between a very casual work environment and a slightly more high  maintenance lifestyle, a new day bag/tote/carry-on/personal item/overnight bag seemed to become an increasingly desired item.

Somehow or another, at 27, I am blessed to still receive some money at Christmas.  Even better, like my younger self, I kept in the card in my bedroom as opposed to depositing it and dwindling it away on bills, booze, flights or rainy days at the mall.  I really wanted to put it towards a beautiful purse from a brand I normally wouldn’t splurge on myself.  This idea was slowly turned into wanting something of quality to fulfill a genuine need.  Although I can appreciate a great brand, I love quality and I prefer possessions fewer people have.  Every other female in Miami has a variation of some sort of signature Louie bag.  Would I turn one down?  Absolutely not, as I’m sure most of them didn’t.  Would I buy one for myself?  Depending heavily on the circumstance, unlikely.

I casually strolled through Saks off 5th, Bloomies outlet and Nordstroms Rack a couple times with no luck.  Then like the true savior they are, coupled with my “enough is enough, I need a bag” feelings,  GILT came through and now in some flash sale mayhem I had TWO bags that seemed appropriate for what I wanted.  One had more of a boho feeling, nice dark blue color, definitely a comfortable fit for travelling.  The other was more structured with subtle hardware detail  in a beautiful camel color .  Both pebbled leather, came with a long detachable strap, had similar dimensions and were originally between $400-$500.

milly pebbled leather tote

And the winner is…. Milly’s Andie Pebbled Tote.  I really wanted something more classic to offset my typically less classic travel looks.  This bag was originally $465 marked down to $239 plus I had GILT promo code in my email for 30% off and free shipping for two days which was also a lot of the motivation to choose a bag.  My final cost was $167 with my savings totaling a staggering $298 or 64% off.  AND I still have Christmas cash leftover.

Also, it should be noted that I bought this on my lunch from GILT’s awesome iPad app that has all my information stored.  When I double checked my shipping address I found my unit/box number was missing from the address.  I promptly called GILT support and the rep explained she could not adjust the address until it was shipped but would be able to make the adjustments with UPS.  I trusted this as I’ve had really good experiences with their customer service in the past.  She followed through and my bag came earlier than expected!

xo Rae





amanda macys levis BCBG CK

the couple that saves together stays together

I suppose there comes a point in a relationship where funds are shared.  Even the thought gives me a tiny pang of anxiety but I do know one thing, any potential future companion in my life should indeed enjoy shopping with me, occasionally.

Meanwhile a former coworker, good friend and Chi-town transplant got in touch and said her and her hubby had a Discount Diary worthy shopping spree.  I love to hear it.

Amanda’s man earned himself a little reward from work and got to choose from a selection of gift cards.  He ended up with $150 towards Macy’s.  Commence spree.

For him:

Jonathan picked up two pairs of Levi’s that were buy one get one, half off.  At originally $64 and $58, they totaled $93 instead of $122.  He also got 3 Calvin Klein sweaters that were marked down to $19 (two of them) and $47.50 from $79.50 each.

For her:

Amanda snagged a really cute BCBG for $19.60 from $98, saving $78!

amanda macys levis BCBG CK

Together the damage would’ve been $458.50.  With the markdowns the actual price came to $200.28.  Now, apply that gift card and their grand total was $50.28, saving $408.28 or 89% off!

AND with all her savings, she even donated to my campaign!  Thanks for the support Amanda! <3

xo Rae



tahari maxi skirt

i need a chaperone


Hi my name is Rae and I can’t stop buying black clothes and on the rare occasion I buy something that isn’t black, its white and maybe even some fun, neutral brown.

But really it’s becoming a problem.  I am going to melt in this Miami heat.

Sunday evening, after a fantastic day with my little Miami family on the beach at 5th Street, I checked out the TJ Maxx over there for the first time.  To my surprise, they carry some serious brands, a la Tory Burch and Fendi, sooo, there’s that.

I’d worn this great flowing red maxi skirt that I picked up in during a Key West trip before I even moved to Miami the day before and decided I was really interested in picking up another for the summertime.  With my particularly long legs, this usually means an annoyingly long search before finding something worth buying.  Not this time.

I picked up this Tahari black maxi skirt.  Although a brand I’ve never owned anything but a random pair of shoes from, the skirt is extra long, has POCKETS (awesome) and runs a little big so I ended up with an XS, which is honestly how it probably ended up in TJ Maxx to begin with.

tahari maxi skirt


I paid $39.99 for the skirt that was originally $80, so I saved 50%.  I am positive people can find them for cheaper but the length, quality and pocket combo made this impossible to pass up.  Oh, and it’s black. Duh.

xo Rae


Only 5 more weeks you guys can support my campaign to help raise money for Cancer research.  You can see more info by clicking the image below!


val LF text

great minds think alike

val LF text

Well, at least I like to think my mind is great and it’s always nice to have somebody on the same page as you.  Also, by em route, she meant en route.  Where were you on that auto-correct?

This would be my second trip to the seasonal sale at LF.  Per usual, I meandered the store for what seemed like an eternity.  I actually had a couple things in mind for once but I’ll get to that in another post.  I unsuccessfully tried on a pile of things.  I honestly wasn’t in the mood to shop and should’ve went home but the sale would’ve gone on without me and I needed to check it out again.

I’ve never found any pants there before, however, I didn’t know that they had high waisted jeans.  Bingo.

In my opinion the prices at LF are high for the quality.  The very basic, staple black, high waisted jeans with a little stretch were originally $172 so with the store wide 60% discount they came to about $70.  Carmar jeans are sold only at LF (I looked for another place to try and get them for cheaper) and come in 3 rises and a million colors.  They are a great length and I definitely recommend them.

xo Rae