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gilt sale

change clothes, and go

The thought of waking up early on a Saturday morning is truly torturous.  The whole setting the alarm thing reminds me what a glutton for punishment I am, especially since I opted to have a late dinner out in midtown with my girlfriends.  But let’s be serious, I wasn’t performing brain surgery but I was going to the Gilt City Raid the Warehouse sale.  One of my first posts was about the last one I went to in September and there has been multiple other posts featuring purchases from the sales I’ve attended in Miami and New York.

However, you don’t get to see the fantastic finds just yet.  This is about what I rolled out of bed and put together for my first time at the early slot on Saturday morning.

UO kimono


Post sale, pre disco nap by the pool

Considering the rum punch at Sugarcane with dinner the prior night, my D&G sunglasses were required.  My other accessories included my sideways cross necklace, House of Harlow earrings and my new Steve Madden sandals I bought last week.  I accessorized black leggings and a plain, silky, flowy Joie top.  Lastly, the kimono-esque robe, yes.  The original price of this Ecote piece was $69.00.  When I went shopping the night before taking off to NY, I picked it up for $19.  Although, I was a little unsure about it, I love it.  I saved $50 or 73%.  It’s really light so I am sure I will get good use out of it as Miami evenings are starting to heat up.

Up next, my Raid the Warehouse finds!

xo Rae

PS I am going to put the below link to my personal LLS, Woman of the Year donation page in every post for the next 10 weeks, ya know for when you’re ready to help find a cure for blood cancer.  Thanks!


photo (14)

Now that you saved all this money, can’t you afford to give back?

Normally, on the Discount Diary you’ll find a worthy suggestion, a reason to smirk, an occasional song lyric and a great deal.  Have you learned anything yet?  Hopefully, you have.  If not, let this be your motivation to save a little extra on your next purchase.  It shouldn’t be too tough.  Friends who’ve shared stories and I have saved nearly 60% on all of our lifestyle expenditures over the last couple months.  What you find here is just a sliver of my life, so while I have your attention, I’m going to take this opportunity to switch it up and change the subject for a day.

I am honored to share that I have accepted a nomination for Woman of the Year from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Why me right?  What’s so special?  Did you guys miss out on some grand accomplishment of mine?  No, you didn’t.  I’ve simply accepted the incredible opportunity to raise awareness and give, so considering how much I love to talk, I want to share with you.

I was approached about becoming a candidate by my friend Matt Sacco, Broward County’s current Man of the Year, who knows that I am a competitive and compassionate person.  After being involved with his campaign team last year, I knew I could not pass up this opportunity.

photo (14)


Anna Carrello, Broward County 2013 MWOY nominee, and me at last year’s Journey of Hope Gala.

LLS is funding research for cures and helping patients (and families). This organization is doing the right things with the dollars it raises, and I’m proud to be associated with it.

So I challenge you.  While you’re out indulging in some retail therapy, check out the sale rack or dinner and drinks, maybe use a Gilt City deal.  If you can save that 30, 40, 70% then do it.  Now that you’ve treated yourself, take the opportunity to treat someone else.  As usual, I’d love to hear your stories but who is going to be the first to take my challenge and have their feature end with, “and then I donated some of the money I saved to the campaign”?  You thought getting a great deal felt good?  Find out what it feels like to take such an amazing opportunity to participate in something bigger than you and your new shoes.  I really appreciate any efforts whether it’s a monetary donation, an auction item donation (contact me for more info) or maybe a seat at the Journey of Hope Gala in April.  Whatever it may be, it’ll be more than they have right now.  And for the love of God with all of your excessive Facebook posting, double-tapping, tweeting, texting, liking, favoriting, Instagramming and emailing, if you never read another post, share this one for me.

xo Rae

Check out my personal campaign page here:




photo (18)

do you want a free bikini?

What kind of dumb question is that?  Did I want a free bikini from one of my most frequently shopped stores?  OBVIOUSLY.

Really, though, do you?  If you live in Florida or will be here in the next week, get in contact with me via Twitter @RaeWitte, Instagram: RaeWitte, email:, text… ehh not really unless you have the number.  I’ll hook you up.

Last Thursday, I received an email from American Apparel exclaiming “FREE-kini” in the subject line.  What does that even mean?  It means they gave me a free bikini.  No really, a free bathing suit.  Spend $20, get it for free.  Conveniently, there will never come a day when I walk into an American Apparel and say “no, I can’t find anything to spend $20 on in here.”

I already own a black turtleneck crop and I love it but the neckline does prohibit me from wearing some of my necklaces with it.  To alleviate this, I decided to spend $24 and a plain black crop (below with a blingy, spikey and 2 chainz inspired necklaces).

photo (18)

The bikini with the South Beach worthy print was originally $29 for each piece.  The total with the crop would’ve been $87.  At $24, I saved 72%.

If you don’t find yourself down here in the land of no laws before February 11, I have another email for a free pair of AA mesh leggings through February 14 with a $25 purchase or more for both in-store and online purchases if you want it – do it.

steve madden sunkiss taupe sandals top view

needs versus wants

I am not a big fan of feeling need but reality is, everyone has needs.  I can stifle wants but needs, I prefer to fulfill right away.  There’s no time like the present… right?

On Saturday, I think my pup Jackson was punishing me.  RIP to my second pair of sandals in one week.  Although minimal, she did render them irreparable.  With my current affinity to buy boots every time I stumble across a pair on sale that fits, my sandal game has been slacking.  As a resident of Miami with the inevitable heat of March looming, sandals are indeed a necessity.  Damn it.

What was really even more catastrophic is that I walked out of my house Saturday bare foot, with shoes in hand.  I’ve realized there’s really no in between for me, I prefer to be in high heels, boots or totally barefoot/in socks.  I just don’t love sandals at all however, as we were heading to the beach to potentially meet some friends, the state of my shoes was entirely unacceptable.  Thanks Jackson.

My girlfriend, Kathleen informed me that Steve Madden was having a Sandal Sale, offering 20% off.  We stopped in the Lincoln Road location, out of necessity, I grabbed a sales associate, pointed out like 6 or 7 pairs that were included in the promotion and requested to try on any of them that she had in my size.  She returned with 4 pairs which I narrowed down to one.

steve madden sunkiss taupe sandals top view  steve madden sunkiss taupe sandals back view

photo credit:


Although this is not as large as a discount as I normally find, I managed to find a pair that I really love.  Originally, $69 I picked these up for $55.  Certainly, not my best but this was almost an emergency and they are versatile in neutral colors, guaranteeing I will frequently use them.

There’s a ton of things I want, but when it comes to a need I prefer to make my plan of action and handle it accordingly.  I paid the sales associate, wore the sandals out of the store and resumed my Saturday.  Time and money well spent.

xo Rae


liv rachel roy manhattan dress

Rachel in Manhattan in Miami

Three days after my return to Miami, my cousin arrived.  Then it was Friday and my girlfriends were coming down to spend the weekend at my house.  One of which was heading straight to Aventura Mall from work.  Initially I was trying to steer clear of the mall but she said there was somethings she wanted me to check out so I met her there.

For myself and for the sake of getting to my house at a reasonable hour before the festivities were to ensue, I suggested just allowing me to cruise the sales in Macy’s quickly before our departure.  Low and behold, the Rachel Roy and it’s fantastic sale section.  I came across the faux fur vest I responsibly abandoned last week.  However, there were a couple dresses with a metallic (so not my thing) finish and an open back (so definitely my thing).

rachel roy manhattan dress metallic

Aptly named, The Manhattan Dress, this dress was originally $120.00.  It was marked down to $53.00.  The cashier informed me that I could receive an additional 20% off for donating two dollars to a children’s charity.  My final cost was $44, saving a total of 63%.

With my friends all spending the night at my place, everyone brought an array of outfits to try and decide between.  I ended up bringing my visitors to LIV in the Manhattan.

xo Rae



Joa and me southwest tribal shirt

I can’t let it go…

When I posted about my blue bar III shirt dress, I mentioned I had picked up a bunch of other purchases that were inappropriate for the frigid NY temps that I anticipated encountering.  Apparently I may have been mistaken because last night I definitely wore my fur vest and boots with one of the shirts I deemed unfit for cold weather.

I picked up this AQUA tunic, shell type top that day also and although it didn’t make the trip this is definitely a purchase I am pleased with.

bar III southwestern shirt

It was originally $78, marked down to $27.  When I got to the Bloomingdale’s register it rang up $17… yes, under $20, $17.  That’s about 80% off!  Now that I see this selfie, am I looking a little southwestern?  Anyways, I wore it with my BDG denim, black jeans, diba boots, sideways cross necklace, House of Harlow earrings and my cream faux fur vest.

Perhaps this shirt truly was not appropriate for the single digit lows but I know one thing, with spring breakers favorite weather rapidly approaching I certainly am struggling to wear anything but boots during Miami days when the weather is under 70 for more than 30 minutes.  Just can’t let it go I suppose.

xo Rae

Joa and me southwest tribal shirt

Out with my cousin Joa, while she is visiting!