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troopa steve madden

my boots mean business

All winter I have been trying to find the perfect, flat, lace up, combat boots specifically to wear with my cutoffs but that could also be worn on trips north with leggings or jeans.  I’ve periodically been trying on different brands in stores with the plan to buy online, for less of course.

Two weeks ago, LF started their only sale of the season.  Honestly, this is the only time I shop there.  So on a particularly shitty (please excuse the language but the weather and the rush hour traffic were atrocious) Friday evening, I planned to meet my LF shopping partner at their South Beach location.  While en route, she told me the store closed at 8pm and she wasn’t going to rush there and would go later in the week.  This was at 7pm as I was rolling along on 836 East.  Quite determined to get to the sale I forged on, getting off the highway and swinging a couple U-turns in Little Havana before getting to the store at about 20 minutes after seven.

Back to those boots, one pair in particular seemed most practical.  Sans studs and an excessive distressed look, Steve Madden’s Troopa boots had a great fit and seemed to be a front runner.  They were in stores for about $100.  I found a couple places online where I could pick them up for $80 to $85.  As I hurriedly took a couple laps around LF, I spotted a pair of black Troopas in the corner, hard left from the door.  And wouldn’t you know, they were my size.

steve madden troopa

photo credit: http://www.chanelbluesatin.com

With about 4 minutes until they officially closed, aka wouldn’t be letting anyone else into the store, I tossed the boots on the counter put down all of the other items I was being particularly wishy-washy about and had the associate ring them up.  LF had them marked at $125.  During LF’s “only sale of the season”, everything in the store is 60% off.  My boots came to only $50, which is $50 less than I found them in any store and at least $30 cheaper than I saw them on any website.

Since purchasing them I have worn them with shorts and a sweater, leggings and a tunic, and I definitely plan on travelling in them tomorrow.  I also think that when dealing with a couple mechanics while experiencing some car trouble last week they knew not to cross me when I showed up in my cutoffs, boots and a hoodie,  perhaps.

xo Rae

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