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Michaya midtown miami

everyday I’m trufflin’

I wonder what how many calories are in the small amount of truffle that takes a meal to that next level.  If it isn’t a lot, I truly am concerned why I don’t eat it with everything.  Now I’ve had truffle butter (I’d eat it with a spoon), truffle fries (guiltily on Friday), within pasta and steak dishes but today, on this lazy, humid Sunday evening, I experienced a game-changer

However, as you know, this isn’t a food blog.  With that being said, I will be trying to figure out how to include all truffle everything into my daily diet.  My girlfriend Adrienne (who’s had her purchases featured on The Discount Diary repeatedly) and I were looking for a dinner that was as easy on the waistline as it was on our wallets.  With yesterday’s heat and a little too much time spent in the sun throughout the weekend, we were definitely looking for something light.  While walking around Midtown Miami, I was looking to try something new and she was just secretly hunting for sushi after audibly craving it all weekend.  We walked by the new Japanese spot, Machiya.  They were essentially having an all day, sushi happy hour, half off ALL ROLLS.  The menu also boasted Ramen shipped from Japan and some delicious sounding small and large share plates that we didn’t try this time.

Michaya midtown miami

In discussions of the upcoming week and weekend, never a dull moment with my fellow Springfield Alum and knowing how much she’d been wanting sushi, I gave her the green light to wear the pants on this date and order everything besides my drink.  Easy enough, right?  My drink, at $11, was the most expensive item on our bill.  We started with the Lollipop Roll which was avocado and tuna wrapped in cucumber (pictured).  Next came a signature Dragon Roll, normally $12.  Our third choice was the most incredible sushi roll I’ve ever had in my life, hands down, no questions asked.  The Albacore Roll, at $14, is shrimp tempura on the inside, overlaid with seared albacore, drizzled in TRUFFLE balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with cilantro.  I don’t think words will properly do this roll justice.  It was so good that we laughed, cried, tweeted and got some Twitter friends involved regarding a mutual love of #alltruffleeverything.   Finally, we went all out, threw the idea of light and healthy out the window and got a the deep fried Crunchy Japanese roll made of salmon, cream cheese and scallions, which was $7.

Our bill, with the four rolls and one drink came to $34.  By the rolls being half off, the $42 worth of sushi was only $21. My $11 cucumber-awesome drink and tax accounted for the rest of the total.  Our very satisfying Sunday dinner would’ve been $53 but we saved 36% by getting the discounted rolls.

The service and staff were on point especially by Miami standards.  We were also informed that they hold a happy hour on Saturdays as well.  I think I see a little more sushi in my near future than normal.

xo Rae


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