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kelsi dagger pink suede flats

Gilt City Warehouse Sale, Part II: Shoes

Conveniently, I do not wear an average size 7.  At my height I’d probably walk pretty funny.  What a horrible mental picture.  Anyways, the shoe section of the sale was my last stop before the dressing room.  While waiting for the line to die down I checked every single shoe box in my size while lugging an armful of potential wares.  Nothing.  Can you believe that?  I always find a pair, whether it’s sandals or pumps, I always can pick up a quality pair.

In defeat, I wandered to the neighboring table full of shoes a half size too small for me.  Right away I came across these awesome flats.  Did I just type that (I wonder as I face palm in shame)?  Secretly, or  not so now, I really dislike flats and I really think all of you short women that don’t love high heels just need someone to teach you how to buy a pair that fits properly.  Ya know what else, flats aren’t even that comfortable!  But I did, I came across these AWESOME flats.

kelsi dagger pink suede flats

Bright pink, perforated suede – so perfect for Miami.  Although a half size too small, I tried them anyways and low behold they fit and seemed pretty comfy.  Had I found the exception to the rule?  Perhaps.  Another hurdle, no price tag.  Kelsi Dagger is the brand and now I feel robbed for not knowing of it previously.  I took a gamble and  just brought them to the register.

At $29.99, I decided to take them.  Well, with no tag, I did not know how much I saved.  The Kelsi Dagger, Casual “Haidee” flats were originally $100 making my savings a 70% discount.

Even better, upon entering the elevator leaving work today, I crossed paths with a man from a different office.  He said, “hey! I really like those shoes,” about my flats… my flats though.  #Proud

xo Rae


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LLS mug

Dear 80’s babies,

Not even a week into campaigning and I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting some incredible Leukemia & Lymphoma Society supporters! More importantly in talking (excessively), emailing and tweeting about this project I’ve taken on, I’ve met survivors, whether it’s a child who doesn’t remember what they’ve endured, an affected teenager, a widow or family member of a lost loved one or a friend that just never mentioned, “this one time I survived cancer”, they are really making this worth it.

The ultimate goal is to raise much money as possible for research for a cure, but in talking to my mom and reflecting on Thursday’s kick off, I have another goal.

Hey 80s babies, what do you know about Leukemia or Lymphoma? Not much…? And  what philanthropy? Ya know, a little love for our fellow humans?  I do know you know about networking and hustle. We are the kids that graduated college and the economy went to hell.

My additional goal is to represent us and bring awareness to you, use you. We make it work right? We had to. So maybe you can only donate $20, I know you know someone who can afford more and I know you’d be surprised at just how many people you personally know have been effected by blood cancer or any cancer for that matter.

Hey guys – we know people! And I have news, sometime soon your best friend, your sibling or even you might start a family. Did you know Leukemia is the most common cancer in children under the age of 20?! Yea, I didn’t know either until last week.

So do me a favor, let’s show up. Donate as a member of our generation.

Everyone else – I’d love your support too!  Click the image to see where you can donate!

xo Rae