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abas big clutch

Gilt City, Raid the Warehouse, Part I: Bags

I woke up Saturday morning ready to spend this nice chunk of change that I’ve put away for a new bag.  I walked into the warehouse sale and bee-lined to the bags.

This definitely wasn’t the type I had envisioned but when I came across this oversized clutch , I was instantly in love.  I recently saw another blogger with a large oxblood clutch and it was (excuse the cliche-ness) just so chic with jeans and boots.  Well, I already have an awesome oxblood clutch so upon discovery, I went straight to the tag.  No price.  Luckily, I came across a second one and at only $50, it was the first item I found and carried around for the next two hours.

abas big clutch

It’s from Abas, which is all leather accessories.  Unfortunately, there was no original price on the tag.  I can’t find this bag anywhere.  After looking at some similar options I’d say this would’ve run me a about $130, retail price.  At $50, I saved about 62% and saved all the money I was ready to blow at the sale for another bag!

I’ll be carrying it today with LLS MWOY campaign info (shameless plug, click the image below), iPad and important daily belongings to the FL Panthers hockey game to meet with some people regarding donations and such.

xo Rae