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steve madden sunkiss taupe sandals top view

needs versus wants

I am not a big fan of feeling need but reality is, everyone has needs.  I can stifle wants but needs, I prefer to fulfill right away.  There’s no time like the present… right?

On Saturday, I think my pup Jackson was punishing me.  RIP to my second pair of sandals in one week.  Although minimal, she did render them irreparable.  With my current affinity to buy boots every time I stumble across a pair on sale that fits, my sandal game has been slacking.  As a resident of Miami with the inevitable heat of March looming, sandals are indeed a necessity.  Damn it.

What was really even more catastrophic is that I walked out of my house Saturday bare foot, with shoes in hand.  I’ve realized there’s really no in between for me, I prefer to be in high heels, boots or totally barefoot/in socks.  I just don’t love sandals at all however, as we were heading to the beach to potentially meet some friends, the state of my shoes was entirely unacceptable.  Thanks Jackson.

My girlfriend, Kathleen informed me that Steve Madden was having a Sandal Sale, offering 20% off.  We stopped in the Lincoln Road location, out of necessity, I grabbed a sales associate, pointed out like 6 or 7 pairs that were included in the promotion and requested to try on any of them that she had in my size.  She returned with 4 pairs which I narrowed down to one.

steve madden sunkiss taupe sandals top view  steve madden sunkiss taupe sandals back view

photo credit: lyst.com


Although this is not as large as a discount as I normally find, I managed to find a pair that I really love.  Originally, $69 I picked these up for $55.  Certainly, not my best but this was almost an emergency and they are versatile in neutral colors, guaranteeing I will frequently use them.

There’s a ton of things I want, but when it comes to a need I prefer to make my plan of action and handle it accordingly.  I paid the sales associate, wore the sandals out of the store and resumed my Saturday.  Time and money well spent.

xo Rae