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Joa and me southwest tribal shirt

I can’t let it go…

When I posted about my blue bar III shirt dress, I mentioned I had picked up a bunch of other purchases that were inappropriate for the frigid NY temps that I anticipated encountering.  Apparently I may have been mistaken because last night I definitely wore my fur vest and boots with one of the shirts I deemed unfit for cold weather.

I picked up this AQUA tunic, shell type top that day also and although it didn’t make the trip this is definitely a purchase I am pleased with.

bar III southwestern shirt

It was originally $78, marked down to $27.  When I got to the Bloomingdale’s register it rang up $17… yes, under $20, $17.  That’s about 80% off!  Now that I see this selfie, am I looking a little southwestern?  Anyways, I wore it with my BDG denim, black jeans, diba boots, sideways cross necklace, House of Harlow earrings and my cream faux fur vest.

Perhaps this shirt truly was not appropriate for the single digit lows but I know one thing, with spring breakers favorite weather rapidly approaching I certainly am struggling to wear anything but boots during Miami days when the weather is under 70 for more than 30 minutes.  Just can’t let it go I suppose.

xo Rae

Joa and me southwest tribal shirt

Out with my cousin Joa, while she is visiting!