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troopa steve madden

my boots mean business

All winter I have been trying to find the perfect, flat, lace up, combat boots specifically to wear with my cutoffs but that could also be worn on trips north with leggings or jeans.  I’ve periodically been trying on different brands in stores with the plan to buy online, for less of course.

Two weeks ago, LF started their only sale of the season.  Honestly, this is the only time I shop there.  So on a particularly shitty (please excuse the language but the weather and the rush hour traffic were atrocious) Friday evening, I planned to meet my LF shopping partner at their South Beach location.  While en route, she told me the store closed at 8pm and she wasn’t going to rush there and would go later in the week.  This was at 7pm as I was rolling along on 836 East.  Quite determined to get to the sale I forged on, getting off the highway and swinging a couple U-turns in Little Havana before getting to the store at about 20 minutes after seven.

Back to those boots, one pair in particular seemed most practical.  Sans studs and an excessive distressed look, Steve Madden’s Troopa boots had a great fit and seemed to be a front runner.  They were in stores for about $100.  I found a couple places online where I could pick them up for $80 to $85.  As I hurriedly took a couple laps around LF, I spotted a pair of black Troopas in the corner, hard left from the door.  And wouldn’t you know, they were my size.

steve madden troopa

photo credit:

With about 4 minutes until they officially closed, aka wouldn’t be letting anyone else into the store, I tossed the boots on the counter put down all of the other items I was being particularly wishy-washy about and had the associate ring them up.  LF had them marked at $125.  During LF’s “only sale of the season”, everything in the store is 60% off.  My boots came to only $50, which is $50 less than I found them in any store and at least $30 cheaper than I saw them on any website.

Since purchasing them I have worn them with shorts and a sweater, leggings and a tunic, and I definitely plan on travelling in them tomorrow.  I also think that when dealing with a couple mechanics while experiencing some car trouble last week they knew not to cross me when I showed up in my cutoffs, boots and a hoodie,  perhaps.

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vntg denim1

I’m different, yeah, I’m different

“I’m different”, yea we know 2 chainz, everyone is.  Honestly, though it only takes a little effort to stand out.  With the internet and availability to customize anything (at a price) why wouldn’t you strive to find your lane and be yourself?  Further than that, with social media you can access so many different communities to play your part in that there has got to be something you can bring to a valuable, accessible table.

I’ve met an impressive young man doing just that and even better, girls, you will love what he has to offer.  Aside from being super dope, Tomas’ one-of-a-kind, cutoff, custom designed and hand made shorts are a WAY better price than some of our favorite brands which is how he landed himself and his shorts on The Discount Diary.

Not only does Tomas pick the vintage jeans, he cuts them into shorts, partially distresses them, dyes them and he does all the stud work by hand!  And his designs are awesome!  I can’t wait to meet up with him after my upcoming weekend away and get pair or two.

vntg denim1 vntg denim2 vntg denim4 vntgdenim3

So do you all remember that time I paid FULL price for my favorite pair of cutoff distressed denim shorts from UO and then got the identical pair on clearance for $7?  Well, here – refresh your memory.  I thought I did well because I paid $44 for the first pair.  My reasoning was that the coolest pairs on start at $78.  At the time $44 seemed like a steal.  Well, Tomas’ VNTG Denim range from about $45-55 for his inventory, available at brand new website, and a little more, dependent on the work and materials for a special request custom pair.

For those of you in Miami, you should definitely check Tomas and his VNTG Denim out at the RAW:natural born artists event this Thursday, February 28.  According to RAW’s website, they are an “independent artists association that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.”  Their events feature  “a film screening, musical performance, fashion show, art gallery, performance art and a featured hairstylist and makeup artist” all locally living and working in Miami.  It’s only $20 and drinks and food will be available for purchase.  I would definitely check this out if I were in town.  Who is going to go and give me the scoop?

You can also find Tomas on Instagram at VNTGDenim and at  Check him out!

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Michaya midtown miami

everyday I’m trufflin’

I wonder what how many calories are in the small amount of truffle that takes a meal to that next level.  If it isn’t a lot, I truly am concerned why I don’t eat it with everything.  Now I’ve had truffle butter (I’d eat it with a spoon), truffle fries (guiltily on Friday), within pasta and steak dishes but today, on this lazy, humid Sunday evening, I experienced a game-changer

However, as you know, this isn’t a food blog.  With that being said, I will be trying to figure out how to include all truffle everything into my daily diet.  My girlfriend Adrienne (who’s had her purchases featured on The Discount Diary repeatedly) and I were looking for a dinner that was as easy on the waistline as it was on our wallets.  With yesterday’s heat and a little too much time spent in the sun throughout the weekend, we were definitely looking for something light.  While walking around Midtown Miami, I was looking to try something new and she was just secretly hunting for sushi after audibly craving it all weekend.  We walked by the new Japanese spot, Machiya.  They were essentially having an all day, sushi happy hour, half off ALL ROLLS.  The menu also boasted Ramen shipped from Japan and some delicious sounding small and large share plates that we didn’t try this time.

Michaya midtown miami

In discussions of the upcoming week and weekend, never a dull moment with my fellow Springfield Alum and knowing how much she’d been wanting sushi, I gave her the green light to wear the pants on this date and order everything besides my drink.  Easy enough, right?  My drink, at $11, was the most expensive item on our bill.  We started with the Lollipop Roll which was avocado and tuna wrapped in cucumber (pictured).  Next came a signature Dragon Roll, normally $12.  Our third choice was the most incredible sushi roll I’ve ever had in my life, hands down, no questions asked.  The Albacore Roll, at $14, is shrimp tempura on the inside, overlaid with seared albacore, drizzled in TRUFFLE balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with cilantro.  I don’t think words will properly do this roll justice.  It was so good that we laughed, cried, tweeted and got some Twitter friends involved regarding a mutual love of #alltruffleeverything.   Finally, we went all out, threw the idea of light and healthy out the window and got a the deep fried Crunchy Japanese roll made of salmon, cream cheese and scallions, which was $7.

Our bill, with the four rolls and one drink came to $34.  By the rolls being half off, the $42 worth of sushi was only $21. My $11 cucumber-awesome drink and tax accounted for the rest of the total.  Our very satisfying Sunday dinner would’ve been $53 but we saved 36% by getting the discounted rolls.

The service and staff were on point especially by Miami standards.  We were also informed that they hold a happy hour on Saturdays as well.  I think I see a little more sushi in my near future than normal.

xo Rae


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sunrise guess vest

faux sure

While Nemo was pounding the northeast, I was sitting at the pool and when I got tired of doing that my girlfriend and I hopped in the car, drove up snow-free Biscayne Boulevard and did some browsing around Aventura Mall.  Like I mentioned yesterday, although I may have been attempting to gloat about the temps in the high 70s, I was secretly wishing for some winter weather, boots and being snowed in with friends which brought me to this purchase.

vest text

These texts took place on February 9 during Nemo and February 16 when temps reached the low 40s in Miami.

Since I found myself at the mall out of sheer boredom and to accompany Kathleen while she was looking for something specific, we ended up in Guess.  I honestly don’t remember the last time I went in there.  To each her own but Guess and BEBE just aren’t for me normally.  So while aimlessly meandering through the clearance section I came across this fantastically loud, extra fluffy, faux fur vest.  I immediately tried it on and fell in love with how purely obnoxious it was.  Although, February in Miami is the beginning of the tourist season and warmer weather, I have an upcoming trip to NY where I would surely get some use out of it.  Still, a little apprehensive for such a seemingly unnecessary purchase, I had the cashier check the price – SOLD.

guess fur vest

From originally $138, it was marked to $59.99 with an additional 40% off bringing my total to about $37.  That’s $100 off!

When last Saturday’s forecast was available and I saw how potentially cold it was going to get I definitely seized the opportunity to wear the vest and one week from today I’ll be breaking it out to catch my flight north.  I’ve said in the past I make sure to buy basic and staple pieces on sale but when you come across a statement piece with such a large markdown, how can you say no?


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proposition fortune

I’ve got a proposition for you

This is the Discount Diary’s first contest.  I promise it will be one of the most rewarding contests you participate in during 2013.

proposition fortune

(ahem…) So, being that your fortune cookie suggests, say yes, I just so happen to have your next proposition.  I have three sideways cross necklaces I am giving away, similar to mine that I wear daily.

As previously stated in earlier posts, I have accepted a nomination to participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign.  Whoever offers the most support, wins and I will ship the necklace to you.

sideways cross amazon

You have so many options on how to get people to donate you can share it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, send it in an email or text message, pick up the phone and (gasp?!) DIAL it and maybe just maybe even speak to someone in person.  You can have one person donate $100 or 100 people donate $1, every penny counts.  In order for me to know the referral is from you please tell your friends to indicate they’re donating on behalf of you for The Discount Diary giveaway.

Even better news that those of you so graciously sharing this on your social networks but have yet to donate, your donation and your friends count towards your total support.  So, go to my dedicated campaign page by clicking here, grab the link and get to work.

May the individual with the most generous friends win!

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gilt sale

Gilt City Warehouse Sale, Part III: the dress and the grand total

My third and final purchase was a dress that I purely tried on because of the way it felt.  I think I am still apprehensive about the color.  Honestly,  I was struggling to find things I loved and trying this on may have been a desperation move but I am totally ok with that now.

I really love that Gilt introduces me to so many new brands.  This dress is by Montreal based, Firth and is known for simple lines and classic cuts which is definitely my thing.  However, being that women like Stella McCartney and Blake Lively are big fans, I assume I will not acquire a closet full of it.

Before hopping in line and heading out, I stopped by a table offering samples of OnJuice, which is a juice cleanse where each bottle contain juice from 2 pounds of fruit.  Each bottle represents one day’s worth of juice for a cleanse   After trying a couple flavors the girl working the table gave me a FREE day which is a way bigger deal than one would think as they are currently having a Gilt City deal available for each day marked down from $75 to $42.

yellow firth dress

Like I said before, the material on this very basic dress (similar to the gray ribbed BCBG one I have) is literally to die for.  I want sheets made of it and to never leave my bed.  It only cost me $39.99 which is amazing considering the original price $168 and although it is feels perfect on I could never pay that for it.  This is a 77% discount.

And for your easy viewing, here is my overall Raid the Warehouse spending and saving:


Original Actual
Gilt City Raid the Warehouse ticket $15 $15
Abas oversized leather clutch $130 $49.99
Kelsi Dagger suede flats $100 $29.99
Firth long sleeve dress $168 $39.99
OnJuice one day cleanse $75 $0
TOTAL $488 $135


At $135 for $488 worth of fantastic finds, I saved 72% and got some very versatile, staple, great quality items.  I’ve alreathy used the bag and wore the shoes to work but I may need to break out the dress for my girlfriend’s baby shower this weekend. Maybe I’ll coincidentally find myself in New York for their Raid the Warehouse sale like last year.

xo Rae




photo (25)

This is what we call, Wednesday

Ironic art, comfortable decor, complimentary cocktails, mini-cupcakes, giveaways, hairstyling, a photobooth and my boys, Mario and Luigi – yup, Wednesday.


Even better…. Valentine’s Eve.  Whether you’re a lonely or relieved single, a couple waiting 2 hours for an overpriced prix fixe menu or genuinely head over heels in love, the My Theorie  Valentine Tweet-Up was a well planned, lovely event to put your mind off the inevitably long Thursday ahead.  Personally, coming from a hospitality, F&B background Valentine’s Day is like the romance smothered, New Year’s Eve – lots of hype and pressure for an intimate evening.  That sounds risky rather than risque.


Hosted by Miami Fashion Bloggers Ginger Harris of Electric Blogarella, Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl and Martha Dominguez of Princess Martha  and set at the Junior and Hatter Salon in Wynwood, my girlfriend and I participated in a social scavenger hunt while snacking on bite sized red velvet cake and eyeing the original Nintendo NES system with Mario and Luigi just waiting to be played.  Once completed, we were entered into a giveaway for a couple Theorie hair straighteners and complimentary services for future visits to the salon.  I regrettably passed on getting my hair done but Val did and it looked excellent, so much so that we found ourselves in the salon’s photobooth.  For those in attendance, Theorie was also offering 50% off all products purchased at the event.  Miraculously, I abstained from taking advantage but only because a second straightener would just be excessive.

The entire event was F R E E.  With all guests participating in the social scavenger hunt highlighting the event’s dedicated hash tag #ihearttheorie, we provided free promotion to all of our social network connections in exchange for the evening.

B56J0254 B56J0150


Photo credit: Jipsy Castillo 

Ultimately, this is all estimates, but using Val as the example, she had her hair styled, had two mini cupcakes and three Chambord cocktails.  If a blow out is $35, I’ll estimate getting her hair styled at $15, maybe $3 for the two cupcakes and minimally $10 each for the cocktails.  The approximate total could have been $48.    The entire evening was $3 (tips for the bartender), we found a new salon that we will definitely return to and we tried some amazing hair products worth sharing with you.

xo Rae




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kelsi dagger pink suede flats

Gilt City Warehouse Sale, Part II: Shoes

Conveniently, I do not wear an average size 7.  At my height I’d probably walk pretty funny.  What a horrible mental picture.  Anyways, the shoe section of the sale was my last stop before the dressing room.  While waiting for the line to die down I checked every single shoe box in my size while lugging an armful of potential wares.  Nothing.  Can you believe that?  I always find a pair, whether it’s sandals or pumps, I always can pick up a quality pair.

In defeat, I wandered to the neighboring table full of shoes a half size too small for me.  Right away I came across these awesome flats.  Did I just type that (I wonder as I face palm in shame)?  Secretly, or  not so now, I really dislike flats and I really think all of you short women that don’t love high heels just need someone to teach you how to buy a pair that fits properly.  Ya know what else, flats aren’t even that comfortable!  But I did, I came across these AWESOME flats.

kelsi dagger pink suede flats

Bright pink, perforated suede – so perfect for Miami.  Although a half size too small, I tried them anyways and low behold they fit and seemed pretty comfy.  Had I found the exception to the rule?  Perhaps.  Another hurdle, no price tag.  Kelsi Dagger is the brand and now I feel robbed for not knowing of it previously.  I took a gamble and  just brought them to the register.

At $29.99, I decided to take them.  Well, with no tag, I did not know how much I saved.  The Kelsi Dagger, Casual “Haidee” flats were originally $100 making my savings a 70% discount.

Even better, upon entering the elevator leaving work today, I crossed paths with a man from a different office.  He said, “hey! I really like those shoes,” about my flats… my flats though.  #Proud

xo Rae


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LLS mug

Dear 80’s babies,

Not even a week into campaigning and I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting some incredible Leukemia & Lymphoma Society supporters! More importantly in talking (excessively), emailing and tweeting about this project I’ve taken on, I’ve met survivors, whether it’s a child who doesn’t remember what they’ve endured, an affected teenager, a widow or family member of a lost loved one or a friend that just never mentioned, “this one time I survived cancer”, they are really making this worth it.

The ultimate goal is to raise much money as possible for research for a cure, but in talking to my mom and reflecting on Thursday’s kick off, I have another goal.

Hey 80s babies, what do you know about Leukemia or Lymphoma? Not much…? And  what philanthropy? Ya know, a little love for our fellow humans?  I do know you know about networking and hustle. We are the kids that graduated college and the economy went to hell.

My additional goal is to represent us and bring awareness to you, use you. We make it work right? We had to. So maybe you can only donate $20, I know you know someone who can afford more and I know you’d be surprised at just how many people you personally know have been effected by blood cancer or any cancer for that matter.

Hey guys – we know people! And I have news, sometime soon your best friend, your sibling or even you might start a family. Did you know Leukemia is the most common cancer in children under the age of 20?! Yea, I didn’t know either until last week.

So do me a favor, let’s show up. Donate as a member of our generation.

Everyone else – I’d love your support too!  Click the image to see where you can donate!

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abas big clutch

Gilt City, Raid the Warehouse, Part I: Bags

I woke up Saturday morning ready to spend this nice chunk of change that I’ve put away for a new bag.  I walked into the warehouse sale and bee-lined to the bags.

This definitely wasn’t the type I had envisioned but when I came across this oversized clutch , I was instantly in love.  I recently saw another blogger with a large oxblood clutch and it was (excuse the cliche-ness) just so chic with jeans and boots.  Well, I already have an awesome oxblood clutch so upon discovery, I went straight to the tag.  No price.  Luckily, I came across a second one and at only $50, it was the first item I found and carried around for the next two hours.

abas big clutch

It’s from Abas, which is all leather accessories.  Unfortunately, there was no original price on the tag.  I can’t find this bag anywhere.  After looking at some similar options I’d say this would’ve run me a about $130, retail price.  At $50, I saved about 62% and saved all the money I was ready to blow at the sale for another bag!

I’ll be carrying it today with LLS MWOY campaign info (shameless plug, click the image below), iPad and important daily belongings to the FL Panthers hockey game to meet with some people regarding donations and such.

xo Rae