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jackson puppy


MVP, my Most Valuable Purchases, ok really these are MY favorite/most used items posted in 2012.  I told you what you guys liked best, but honestly, what about me?  So for the first day on the new domain, it’s all about me!

5. denim, denim, denim

You might as well refer to these shorts and this shirt as used and abused.  Thankfully, the more beat up my “destroyed denim” is, the better.  I wear the my shorts for everything – errands, trips to SunLife, with any of my 23 bodysuits, out at night, most recently with some awesome stockings, just everything.  Good thing I got two pairs!

levis denim shorts from urban outfitters


4. Friends with Benefits

You might as well refer to these as used and abused… wait, no, that was the last one.  Honestly, I should send these boys Thank You cards and Christmas gifts and my girlfriends (and cousins) should too.  They have been facilitating my nightlife since I got out of the industry.  I know this post was on the Top 5 but it’s an MVP for me too.

MVP night life promoters 7ten group NY Miami

3. Search and Destroy Vintage

My friends are probably tired of hearing about it and when I speak about my blog this is probably my most mentioned purchase so with it not landing on the Top 5, I think you all could use a second look.  Do you understand what I paid for this vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag that I love so much?  Hands down, most carried night time bag since I bought it.


2. Perfect Booties

Not only did I manage some major savings on these, I’ve now had them since early this past summer and the quality is impeccable.  This pair of boots is what this blog is about, high quality/reasonable price.  I unnecessarily wore them ALL SUMMER.

Ted Backer boots

1. Free Love

My true MVP, my main girl, Jackson.

jackson puppy

xo Rae

H&M yoga pants 2

on Instagram straight flexin’

The holidays are indeed, over.  And every year with their exit the decorations come down, we all travel back to our respective “homes” and get used to being back on a regular work schedule.  For me it seems, aside missing spending time with family and old friends there is always that brand new, frustratingly lingering… couple pounds, TERRIBLE!

I flew back to Miami prepared this year though.  By Christmas Day I longingly looked outside wishing I could rollerblade.  Then I realized it was 20 degrees out and it seems it’s far more socially acceptable to rollerblade in Miami than elsewhere.

Like a kid with a new bike, I pulled out my new yoga pants that I picked up during the after-Christmas sale at H&M as soon as the New Year’s festivities ended.

H&M yoga pants

They were only $34.95 originally but were marked down to $20.  I saved $14.95 or 43%.  Now that we have two H&Ms, I may need to go pick up a couple more pairs!

xo Rae

BCBG maxazria long sleeve ribbed dress

pretty basic

I prefer to wear neutrals, not a ton of patterns and have staple basics.  I’ll spend my money on more statement or unique pieces, which you guys don’t see on here.  You can find those peppered in pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Anyways, the key to my basics or staples is versatility.  Miami is hot and once you cross through the threshold of every building it’s freezing due to the aggressive ACs.  NY has cool summer nights and freezing winters.  I want to wear my clothes, not watch them sit in the closet and I want to wear them with a variety of other items, be it layers or accessories.  Do you wear then same outfit in it’s entirety all the time?  If so, stop.
As I’ve mentioned previously, I am lucky to have a couple malls in the area have BCBG outlet stores inside.  On some lazy Friday evening, after leaving my in office happy hour, I drove a mile south to Dolphin Mall.  Although, I am positive I did not need this dress for anything in particular at the time, it certainly is perfectly simple and has a really comfortable fit.
Keep it simple.
I picked up the basic BCBG MaxAzria long sleeve ribbed dress.  It was originally $88, which is honestly absurd.  I love it and I probably would’ve paid more than what I actually got it for, but never $88.  I ended up only paying $24.99 and saving about $63 or 72%.
I’ve since worn it to a Miami happy hour in August, with tights out in Stamford, CT last week (in the freezing cold) and with leggings and over the knee boots on a flight north.  Basically, the dress is really versatile and I am glad I opted against passing it up.
xo Rae
countdown recap

the countdown

Let me know.  What is your favorite post from 2012?  Here is the Top 5 most viewed posts of last year!

5. A premature Merry Christmas

The American Apparel Belle Du Jour dress was just recently posted and managed to make it on the list of Top 5 posts of 2012.  I’ve since worn it out in New York with friends to a fashion show at WIP and later to Finale and 1Oak.  Definitely a good purchase. 

4. Friends with Benefits
With the help of Troy Gordon, and him reblogging this on, this post has come in at number four.  After having the pleasure of meeting him in NY through mutual friends and then all of them coming to Miami to bring in 2013, I would say I lived this post… repeatedly.  Thanks guys!

3. A Carrie Bradshaw Classic
THE white Halston… need I say more?

2. Women are Winers
This doesn’t surprise me one bit.  A fantastic event, at a reasonable price, with an incredible hostess at an innovative restaurant, The Federal.  Check them out for dinner!

And the most viewed post of 2012, definitely came as a shock to me.  I will be brutally honest with you, I get pageviews on this post DAILY, still.  It seems to have been a highly searched item over the holidays.
My sideways cross necklace from the little shop in Brooklyn Heights!  Who would’ve thought?  I easily wear this necklace 4 to 5 days a week and I love it!  See it below and take a look back at the original post.

Thanks for reading, following, commenting, liking and sharing!  You can find me on both Twitter and Instagram at RaeWitte.   And don’t forget, if you want me to share your story, email me at (especially you boys!).  I resolve to keep shopping… and saving for 2013!

xo Rae

black on black on black

black on black on black

Another South Florida transient and north east native is buying and rocking the little black dresses lately too.  And on the night I wore my new bodysuit, she wore her newest LBD.

Adrienne, who also seems to be reforming her shopping habits a little scored this hot, Sparkle and Fade, little black dress online from Urban Outfitters.

The dress was originally $69.99.  The final price was $13.49 and she got free shipping!  At 81% off (!!!) she saved $56.50.

We looked great, in my opinion at least, had an amazing time and spent a fraction of what most women do.  It’s just Saturday in Miami, no need to break the bank.  Success.

xo Rae

american apparel black bodysuit

all black everything

Perhaps it isn’t  a negative thing, but my shopping location seems to dictate the color of clothing I purchase.  Regardless, in the first leg of my 8 days out of Miami, I used my American Apparel Groupon I wrote about in December.  For $25, I had $50 to spend.

I was trying to be quick.  The store was cramped.  I was with friends.  I had my heavy coat, vest, gloves, etc and in a whirlwind of spandex, I walked out of a New York American Apparel with a new black dress and a new black bodysuit.

The sleeveless turtleneck dress and long sleeve double-U bodysuit’s original total would’ve been $72.

 selfie time!

After applying the $50 credit, I paid the difference of $22. The $25 credit plus the difference brought my total to $47.  I saved 35% or $25.  I easily could’ve used $100 credit they had available for $50.  I probably would have come home with more black clothes.  Next round, I’ll head to a Miami American Apparel.

xo Rae 

prada python drivers


I know that I have some very well put together man friends in my life but I also know that, for the most part, they are a little more frivolous with their cash, particularly, my dear friend Matty.  I got to see him during my holiday travels and with great pride he informed he FINALLY bought something on sale.

Matty purchased his boyfriend a fantastic Christmas gift, Prada shoes.  Normally, when he starts a story with “I was just stopping in Saks (or any department store)…” I cringe in fear of what he will divulge.  This time though, I was certainly surprised.

Matty Claus bought David a beautiful pair of Prada Stamped Python Drivers, originally priced at $480.  This once in a lifetime, “frugal purchase”, run Matty a mere $280, savings of $200 at about 42% off.  Not a bad gift, hm?

xo Rae

winter upstate NY December

December Inventory

Ugh, December was a tough one.  One definitely does A LOT less shopping for oneself during the holidays but I also couldn’t write about gifts or any awesome discounts my friends hooked me up with.

Don’t fret! I still achieved some incredible savings and hopefully provided some helpful info otherwise.

Purchase Original Actual
Groupon for dinner at Dapur $130 $82
Art Basel kick-off party at the MoCA $35 $4
American Apparel Belle Du Jour dress $65 $52
Outfit of the day post $415 $113
Cynthia Vincent shoes  $375 $86
BCBG clutch $88 $31
Lucky Brand sweater $169 $39.99
Aldo red suede boots $100 $38
Jessica Simpson red suede booties $118 $25


The total of all the original costs for all posts in December came to $1,495.  Only $470.99 was spent, bringing the December discount to 68%.  I’ll take it considering the savings but I definitely spent a good majority on gifts and running up and down the east coast.  That’s the holidays though!
In the upcoming weeks, look for a lot of holiday leftovers, after Christmas deals, a little 2012 recap of your favorite posts and the staple great options for deals.
Happy New Year!
xo Rae