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these boots were made for walkin’… or warmth or work or just because

It seems I am not the only one with a penchant to buy new boots.  First it was Adrienne and I with our red suedes, then came Anthony’s All Saint’s which triggered my Stuart Weitzman’s.  Whether they were practical or for pleasure it seems a lot of people picked up new boots as temperatures plummeted in the northeast.  I mean, when I checked the weather pre-trip it was the first thought to pop into my head.  Must get new boots (and proceed to pack 5 other pairs) for New York.


Add some others to the list.  Both my cousin Joa and good friend Lola got in touch with me and said, “I just got new boots too, guess what I paid?!”  In the midst of them both showing their genuine concern/laughing at my expense about the thought of me in the frigid temps they’d been battling all week, they sent their new purchases.

Lo was going for practical.  After an unfortunate run-in her boots had with her loving pup, Shay, she needed a pair to wear with work pants.  Notice the higher ankle, as she picked them up on the same day her car’s thermostat showed the above pictured reading.

franco sarto black boots

These Franco Sarto’s were originally $80 but Luka saved a fraction over 50%, picking them up for only $39 at DSW.

Joa is actually coming to visit here this weekend and she better not pack those boots, pack light Jo!  She also got her booties for only $39.

vince camuto wool ankle booties


vince camuto gray wook ankle booties


Joa’s boots were originally $129.  With a 70% discount she saved $90.

At this point, I’d say if you haven’t gone and picked up a new pair of boots, there’s no time like the present.  What are you waiting for?

xo Rae