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as I look around, they don’t do it like my Clique

This is a Discount Diary first.  Yes, I normally feature my friends’ purchases but I write the post.  Today, E. Cat penned this Kanye swag infused piece and she practically brought tears to my eyes!  Talk about feeding my ego, that’s what friends are for (to be sung)!  Here it is, from one of my closest friend’s and first contributor, E. Cat.


If anyone could do it, I should have known it’d be Rae.

She’s converted me from T-shirts to bodysuits, from pink lipstick to red, and on more than one occasion she’s transformed my panic stricken, over stressed New York City dwelling twenty-something mental state to that of an overconfident, joy filled, power tripping, bad-bitch-boss-lady in the matter of a single phone call.

How could I not predict that she’d convert my heavy hitting spending habits as well? Probably because I had succumb to the powerful mind numbing marketing scheme of the fashion world – laziness. I had no desire to dig through piles of last year’s bags or sort through a rack of winter coats in July. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to shop during a sale?! I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it – and that, my friends, meant paying out the nose full price.

That’s the genius behind The Discount Diary – there is no compromise, there is no settling for second best. Rae has finally been able to teach me that being kind to your wallet doesn’t mean not having what you want when you want it – it simply means you must approach your fashion mecca, whether that be Bloomingdale’s, a vintage store, or a bodega in Brooklyn, as your opportunistic style exploration!

So, I finally did just that. Laugh if you want, but as a twenty something female, Kanye West has been one of my style icons for the last 8 years or so. From his 2004 days of all-Ralph Lauren-everything, to his recent on-stage performances in a leather skirt by Givenchy, I have admired his taste and have allowed it to influence my own style (As for Kim’s closet, that’s another story). During 2012 London Fashion Week, Kanye sported this outfit while sitting front row at the Mark Fast Show. It sparked my intense desire to find the perfect mint green knit sweater and after a year of searching, that finally happened AND with Rae’s Discount Diary seal of approval.

photo credit: upscalehype.com

kanye sweater bdcg mint green
BCBG Maxazria Kanye sweater

I picked up BCBG’s comically title “Kanye” sweater in mint last week. The original price of the sweater was $198 and after a 40% off + an additional 20% off discount, I paid $95.04 for my warmly welcomed, opportunistic style experience. Not only did I save $102.96 by following Rae’s shopping guidance, I also learned a huge lesson in that taking the time to develop your wardrobe insightfully and economically can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Oh, and I finally have something to wear my 20″ gold chain with.


Thanks E. for making me sound kinda rad.  You make me proud!
xo Rae
erin contributor
E. and me, Memorial Day Weekend 2012