Daily Archives: January 23, 2013

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double dipping

Let me apologize in advance to all my people in the northeast.  I am sorry that you are freezing, truly, deeply, sorry.

With that being said, my girlfriend and I left ourselves less than 40 minutes (including drive time) to get ready for a leisurely Sunday out drifting around Biscayne Bay.  I guess we shouldn’t have really questioned, do we want to go out on a boat for a day or not?  True to form, night or day, in a rush, I go straight to my staples, think your favorite LBD.  In this particular carpe diem-esque/YOLO instance I tore through my drawer for both pieces of my most basic bikini.  It is the American Apparel nylon tri-cot bikini in black.

dolce & gabbana sunglasses

Miami, January 2013

Funny thing is, I bought these matching pieces of the same bathing suit on separate websites at different times.  Both were originally $25.  I purchased the bottom on Gilt.com for only $4 and later got the top for $8 on Hautelook.com bringing my to grand total of $12.  I saved $13 or 60%.

So I spent only $13 on the Miami equivalent of an LBD, my favorite LBB, little black bikini.

xo Rae