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spoiled brats

Between social media and our newly evolved digital appendages, society, especially Gen Y (aka the self-promoting, narcissistic  Generation I, named by the Manrepeller) is truly full of instant gratification demanding, spoiled brats.  You know you are.  Think of the sheer panic that takes over if your tablet touch screen doesn’t respond in a millisecond.

So as the first world brat I’ve slowly become, I ask myself, if I can have so much information at my finger tips, should I let this attitude bleed into my everyday life?  Why shouldn’t I have a $450 pair of black leather boots and why shouldn’t I have them now?  False.  I definitely have a “I want it right now” attitude but  I recognize, sometimes I need to pump the brakes.

As I’ve previously stated, my patience for certain things may be waning however for material things, I can live without… for at least a week.

Having finally made it through the holidays and deeming out my financial situation stable, I took myself shopping.  Heavy-hearted, I left the mall two Friday’s ago empty handed.  I had only come across one thing I wanted and man, I wanted it.  I just couldn’t justify buying a third pair of black boots, in Miami.  Even though they weren’t just any set of black boots, I walked away.  And even more uncharacteristic of myself, I walked away from a great price.  These Stuart Weitzman boots were originally $450, marked down to $156 with an additional 30% off, bringing the price to about $110.  I left a little bit of my soul in Bloomingdale’s that afternoon.

stuart weitzman black zipper boots

Fast forward seven days later, I had a flight booked to NY and just put up a post about my friend Anthony’s boots, which triggered major boot envy.  That Friday morning I committed to get back to Bloomies and buy those boots that were going to be perfect for my trip north, if they weren’t gone.  Patience truly is virtuous because not only did I get the boots, they were marked down more!  At 50% off $156, my final total was $78.  My patience saved me $372.

So yes, I recognize that my excessive instagramming, tweeting, Googling and texting certainly portrays a degree of instant gratification obsession but hopefully us 80s babies that didn’t grow up in this digital mess can hold onto a little bit of patience in the real world.  Admittedly, I walked out of the mall that day and immediately tweeted an excessively, emoji filled tweet announcing my fantastic purchase that would be featured on the blog this week however, outside of my digital life, I’ll continue to practice patience.

xo Rae