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dolce & gabbana sunglasses

people don’t wear clothes in Miami

I spent a summer in Miami at 20.  As I was packing before the inevitably lengthy drive from upstate NY, I called a friend that lived here to consult about what to bring.  He told me, “Sunglasses.  It’s too hot during the summer.  No one wear clothes.  Just bring a couple pairs of sunglasses, maybe a bathing suit.”  Unfortunately, I am notorious for misplacing or breaking sunglasses.  Fortunately, not sure if you guys have heard, but I am a pretty good shopper and usually pick up pairs for a quarter of the retail price.

Seven years later, on the verge of getting through my third winter in Miami, I finally picked up the most Miami-esque (brandwise at least) set of sunglasses I’ve ever owned.  Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly love my Ashbury’s but for days like yesterday, it seemed the advice from an old friend rang true.

dolce & gabbana sunglasses 2

a necessity for driving boats… of course. 

I fell in love (awkwardly because I don’t think my friends even gave these glasses a second glance) months ago in Sunglasses Hut on Lincoln Road, so much so that I took a picture of the tag to get the proper product code (3081 502/13, if your interested).  So when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, not only did I reveal I wanted Dolce & Gabbana shades, but I gave the original cost, the product code and a link to a much better price.  Sunglasses Hut had them for $169.99.   Shadesdaddy.com has them for only $108.  My mom saved just about $62 with an almost 40% discount.

The moral of this story is browse in person, shop online and pack light for Miami.

xo Rae