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jackson puppy


MVP, my Most Valuable Purchases, ok really these are MY favorite/most used items posted in 2012.  I told you what you guys liked best, but honestly, what about me?  So for the first day on the new domain, it’s all about me!

5. denim, denim, denim

You might as well refer to these shorts and this shirt as used and abused.  Thankfully, the more beat up my “destroyed denim” is, the better.  I wear the my shorts for everything – errands, trips to SunLife, with any of my 23 bodysuits, out at night, most recently with some awesome stockings, just everything.  Good thing I got two pairs!

levis denim shorts from urban outfitters


4. Friends with Benefits

You might as well refer to these as used and abused… wait, no, that was the last one.  Honestly, I should send these boys Thank You cards and Christmas gifts and my girlfriends (and cousins) should too.  They have been facilitating my nightlife since I got out of the industry.  I know this post was on the Top 5 but it’s an MVP for me too.

MVP night life promoters 7ten group NY Miami

3. Search and Destroy Vintage

My friends are probably tired of hearing about it and when I speak about my blog this is probably my most mentioned purchase so with it not landing on the Top 5, I think you all could use a second look.  Do you understand what I paid for this vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag that I love so much?  Hands down, most carried night time bag since I bought it.


2. Perfect Booties

Not only did I manage some major savings on these, I’ve now had them since early this past summer and the quality is impeccable.  This pair of boots is what this blog is about, high quality/reasonable price.  I unnecessarily wore them ALL SUMMER.

Ted Backer boots

1. Free Love

My true MVP, my main girl, Jackson.

jackson puppy

xo Rae