Daily Archives: January 14, 2013

H&M yoga pants 2

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The holidays are indeed, over.  And every year with their exit the decorations come down, we all travel back to our respective “homes” and get used to being back on a regular work schedule.  For me it seems, aside missing spending time with family and old friends there is always that brand new, frustratingly lingering… couple pounds, TERRIBLE!

I flew back to Miami prepared this year though.  By Christmas Day I longingly looked outside wishing I could rollerblade.  Then I realized it was 20 degrees out and it seems it’s far more socially acceptable to rollerblade in Miami than elsewhere.

Like a kid with a new bike, I pulled out my new yoga pants that I picked up during the after-Christmas sale at H&M as soon as the New Year’s festivities ended.

H&M yoga pants

They were only $34.95 originally but were marked down to $20.  I saved $14.95 or 43%.  Now that we have two H&Ms, I may need to go pick up a couple more pairs!

xo Rae