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BCBG maxazria long sleeve ribbed dress

pretty basic

I prefer to wear neutrals, not a ton of patterns and have staple basics.  I’ll spend my money on more statement or unique pieces, which you guys don’t see on here.  You can find those peppered in pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Anyways, the key to my basics or staples is versatility.  Miami is hot and once you cross through the threshold of every building it’s freezing due to the aggressive ACs.  NY has cool summer nights and freezing winters.  I want to wear my clothes, not watch them sit in the closet and I want to wear them with a variety of other items, be it layers or accessories.  Do you wear then same outfit in it’s entirety all the time?  If so, stop.
As I’ve mentioned previously, I am lucky to have a couple malls in the area have BCBG outlet stores inside.  On some lazy Friday evening, after leaving my in office happy hour, I drove a mile south to Dolphin Mall.  Although, I am positive I did not need this dress for anything in particular at the time, it certainly is perfectly simple and has a really comfortable fit.
Keep it simple.
I picked up the basic BCBG MaxAzria long sleeve ribbed dress.  It was originally $88, which is honestly absurd.  I love it and I probably would’ve paid more than what I actually got it for, but never $88.  I ended up only paying $24.99 and saving about $63 or 72%.
I’ve since worn it to a Miami happy hour in August, with tights out in Stamford, CT last week (in the freezing cold) and with leggings and over the knee boots on a flight north.  Basically, the dress is really versatile and I am glad I opted against passing it up.
xo Rae