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countdown recap

the countdown

Let me know.  What is your favorite post from 2012?  Here is the Top 5 most viewed posts of last year!

5. A premature Merry Christmas

The American Apparel Belle Du Jour dress was just recently posted and managed to make it on the list of Top 5 posts of 2012.  I’ve since worn it out in New York with friends to a fashion show at WIP and later to Finale and 1Oak.  Definitely a good purchase. 

4. Friends with Benefits
With the help of Troy Gordon, and him reblogging this on TheTroyReport.com, this post has come in at number four.  After having the pleasure of meeting him in NY through mutual friends and then all of them coming to Miami to bring in 2013, I would say I lived this post… repeatedly.  Thanks guys!

3. A Carrie Bradshaw Classic
THE white Halston… need I say more?

2. Women are Winers
This doesn’t surprise me one bit.  A fantastic event, at a reasonable price, with an incredible hostess at an innovative restaurant, The Federal.  Check them out for dinner!

And the most viewed post of 2012, definitely came as a shock to me.  I will be brutally honest with you, I get pageviews on this post DAILY, still.  It seems to have been a highly searched item over the holidays.
My sideways cross necklace from the little shop in Brooklyn Heights!  Who would’ve thought?  I easily wear this necklace 4 to 5 days a week and I love it!  See it below and take a look back at the original post.

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xo Rae