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american apparel black bodysuit

all black everything

Perhaps it isn’t  a negative thing, but my shopping location seems to dictate the color of clothing I purchase.  Regardless, in the first leg of my 8 days out of Miami, I used my American Apparel Groupon I wrote about in December.  For $25, I had $50 to spend.

I was trying to be quick.  The store was cramped.  I was with friends.  I had my heavy coat, vest, gloves, etc and in a whirlwind of spandex, I walked out of a New York American Apparel with a new black dress and a new black bodysuit.

The sleeveless turtleneck dress and long sleeve double-U bodysuit’s original total would’ve been $72.

 selfie time!

After applying the $50 credit, I paid the difference of $22. The $25 credit plus the difference brought my total to $47.  I saved 35% or $25.  I easily could’ve used $100 credit they had available for $50.  I probably would have come home with more black clothes.  Next round, I’ll head to a Miami American Apparel.

xo Rae