Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

prada python drivers


I know that I have some very well put together man friends in my life but I also know that, for the most part, they are a little more frivolous with their cash, particularly, my dear friend Matty.  I got to see him during my holiday travels and with great pride he informed he FINALLY bought something on sale.

Matty purchased his boyfriend a fantastic Christmas gift, Prada shoes.  Normally, when he starts a story with “I was just stopping in Saks (or any department store)…” I cringe in fear of what he will divulge.  This time though, I was certainly surprised.

Matty Claus bought David a beautiful pair of Prada Stamped Python Drivers, originally priced at $480.  This once in a lifetime, “frugal purchase”, run Matty a mere $280, savings of $200 at about 42% off.  Not a bad gift, hm?

xo Rae