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December Inventory

Ugh, December was a tough one.  One definitely does A LOT less shopping for oneself during the holidays but I also couldn’t write about gifts or any awesome discounts my friends hooked me up with.

Don’t fret! I still achieved some incredible savings and hopefully provided some helpful info otherwise.

Purchase Original Actual
Groupon for dinner at Dapur $130 $82
Art Basel kick-off party at the MoCA $35 $4
American Apparel Belle Du Jour dress $65 $52
Outfit of the day post $415 $113
Cynthia Vincent shoes  $375 $86
BCBG clutch $88 $31
Lucky Brand sweater $169 $39.99
Aldo red suede boots $100 $38
Jessica Simpson red suede booties $118 $25


The total of all the original costs for all posts in December came to $1,495.  Only $470.99 was spent, bringing the December discount to 68%.  I’ll take it considering the savings but I definitely spent a good majority on gifts and running up and down the east coast.  That’s the holidays though!
In the upcoming weeks, look for a lot of holiday leftovers, after Christmas deals, a little 2012 recap of your favorite posts and the staple great options for deals.
Happy New Year!
xo Rae