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2013 Kickoff, January Inventory

I am super pleased with The Discount Diary in it’s initial month of 2013.  We’ve got a new look.  A lot of you submitted your buys.  I had my first contributor.  My first travel tip is in the books.  Quite a collection of selfies have accumulated.  Everyone and their mother got or should be able to find a pair of perfect boots.  The ManRepeller FAVORITED my tweet on Twitter and read a post.  I like it.

But you know what time it is, the close of the first month.  So, without further adieu, here’s the damage.

Purchase Original Actual
Men’s Prada Stamped Python Drivers $480 $280
American Apparel black body suit and dress $72 $47
Sprarkle and Fade black dress $69.99 $13.49
BCBG long sleeve ribbed dress $88 $24.99
H&M yoga pants $34.95 $14.95
DIY denim cutoff shorts $40 $3.99
Men’s All Saints boots $300 $88
Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses $169.99 $108
Stuart Weitzman double zip black boots  $450 $78
American Apparel black bikini $50 $13
BCBG Kanye sweater $198 $95.04
JetBlue flight, FLL to JFK $242 $170
bar III shirt dress $79.99 $35
Franco Sarto boots $80 $39
Vince Camuto boots $129 $39

Together, everyone’s purchases totaled $2,484.  It’s great to see everyone shopping smart and stimulating the economy after the holidays but acquiring all of this for only $1,049.  Go ahead, take a look back, check out the posts and see how we saved 58% all together.

So thank you to all those who offered their input and read some posts.  February surely has some exciting things coming.  I appreciate your interest and (hopefully) your continued support.

xo Rae

R is for



these boots were made for walkin’… or warmth or work or just because

It seems I am not the only one with a penchant to buy new boots.  First it was Adrienne and I with our red suedes, then came Anthony’s All Saint’s which triggered my Stuart Weitzman’s.  Whether they were practical or for pleasure it seems a lot of people picked up new boots as temperatures plummeted in the northeast.  I mean, when I checked the weather pre-trip it was the first thought to pop into my head.  Must get new boots (and proceed to pack 5 other pairs) for New York.


Add some others to the list.  Both my cousin Joa and good friend Lola got in touch with me and said, “I just got new boots too, guess what I paid?!”  In the midst of them both showing their genuine concern/laughing at my expense about the thought of me in the frigid temps they’d been battling all week, they sent their new purchases.

Lo was going for practical.  After an unfortunate run-in her boots had with her loving pup, Shay, she needed a pair to wear with work pants.  Notice the higher ankle, as she picked them up on the same day her car’s thermostat showed the above pictured reading.

franco sarto black boots

These Franco Sarto’s were originally $80 but Luka saved a fraction over 50%, picking them up for only $39 at DSW.

Joa is actually coming to visit here this weekend and she better not pack those boots, pack light Jo!  She also got her booties for only $39.

vince camuto wool ankle booties


vince camuto gray wook ankle booties


Joa’s boots were originally $129.  With a 70% discount she saved $90.

At this point, I’d say if you haven’t gone and picked up a new pair of boots, there’s no time like the present.  What are you waiting for?

xo Rae

blue bar III dress at bounce

a dress for Miami to New York, Sunday Funday

Thursday evening, prior to my flight Friday morning, after some attempts to pack for the arctic I realized I had fully abused my winter wardrobe over the holidays. I also totally underestimated what type of weather the third week of January could offer New York (thank God I got those Stuart Weitzman boots). I came to terms that I was in for a weekend of temperatures barely making it over freezing and headed directly to the mall to comb those end of the season sales.

My main objective was to pick up something to potentially wear out at night or out to brunch but could also be worn back home in Miami. Given, I did end up with some great items completely inappropriate for my trip but I also got exactly what I was looking for.

Although, I decided against wearing it to Saturday’s brunch, I did decide to wear my new bar III, navy shirt dress to Bounce for a little Sunday Funday.

blue bar III dress and H and M belt
The dress was originally $79.99.  I paid $35 and picked up the belt for $6 from $12.95 as I forgot to pack one.  The total would’ve been $92.94 and I paid $41, about a 66% discount .   I wore it with plain black opaque tights, my House of Harlow earrings, and my diba boots.  In Miami, I imagine I’ll wear it similarly sans tights or maybe even with some high socks on a cool evening.  If it came in more colors I’d buy several… perhaps it does?
xo Rae

and all these one off vacations…

I book weekend trips away when I’m bored.  Mainly because I refuse to pay something ridiculous and because I’d prefer not to fly anything but Delta or JetBlue.  I like Delta for the wi-fi and I love JetBlue for, pretty much everything especially their lovely little Tuesday emails with weekly sales.


For instance, I am flying to New York today.  I just checked the same flights for two weeks from now as I booked this trip about two weeks in advance.  The total would be $242.  Utilizing the email two weeks ago, I clicked through and examined the discounted fares.  I picked my days and found a couple of the cheapest flights and made my decision.  The flights were $85 each way, totaling $170.  No questions asked, at about 30% off, I bought the flight.

Wheels up, later Miami.

xo Rae

erin contributor

as I look around, they don’t do it like my Clique

This is a Discount Diary first.  Yes, I normally feature my friends’ purchases but I write the post.  Today, E. Cat penned this Kanye swag infused piece and she practically brought tears to my eyes!  Talk about feeding my ego, that’s what friends are for (to be sung)!  Here it is, from one of my closest friend’s and first contributor, E. Cat.


If anyone could do it, I should have known it’d be Rae.

She’s converted me from T-shirts to bodysuits, from pink lipstick to red, and on more than one occasion she’s transformed my panic stricken, over stressed New York City dwelling twenty-something mental state to that of an overconfident, joy filled, power tripping, bad-bitch-boss-lady in the matter of a single phone call.

How could I not predict that she’d convert my heavy hitting spending habits as well? Probably because I had succumb to the powerful mind numbing marketing scheme of the fashion world – laziness. I had no desire to dig through piles of last year’s bags or sort through a rack of winter coats in July. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to shop during a sale?! I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it – and that, my friends, meant paying out the nose full price.

That’s the genius behind The Discount Diary – there is no compromise, there is no settling for second best. Rae has finally been able to teach me that being kind to your wallet doesn’t mean not having what you want when you want it – it simply means you must approach your fashion mecca, whether that be Bloomingdale’s, a vintage store, or a bodega in Brooklyn, as your opportunistic style exploration!

So, I finally did just that. Laugh if you want, but as a twenty something female, Kanye West has been one of my style icons for the last 8 years or so. From his 2004 days of all-Ralph Lauren-everything, to his recent on-stage performances in a leather skirt by Givenchy, I have admired his taste and have allowed it to influence my own style (As for Kim’s closet, that’s another story). During 2012 London Fashion Week, Kanye sported this outfit while sitting front row at the Mark Fast Show. It sparked my intense desire to find the perfect mint green knit sweater and after a year of searching, that finally happened AND with Rae’s Discount Diary seal of approval.

photo credit:

kanye sweater bdcg mint green
BCBG Maxazria Kanye sweater

I picked up BCBG’s comically title “Kanye” sweater in mint last week. The original price of the sweater was $198 and after a 40% off + an additional 20% off discount, I paid $95.04 for my warmly welcomed, opportunistic style experience. Not only did I save $102.96 by following Rae’s shopping guidance, I also learned a huge lesson in that taking the time to develop your wardrobe insightfully and economically can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Oh, and I finally have something to wear my 20″ gold chain with.


Thanks E. for making me sound kinda rad.  You make me proud!
xo Rae
erin contributor
E. and me, Memorial Day Weekend 2012
photo (17)

double dipping

Let me apologize in advance to all my people in the northeast.  I am sorry that you are freezing, truly, deeply, sorry.

With that being said, my girlfriend and I left ourselves less than 40 minutes (including drive time) to get ready for a leisurely Sunday out drifting around Biscayne Bay.  I guess we shouldn’t have really questioned, do we want to go out on a boat for a day or not?  True to form, night or day, in a rush, I go straight to my staples, think your favorite LBD.  In this particular carpe diem-esque/YOLO instance I tore through my drawer for both pieces of my most basic bikini.  It is the American Apparel nylon tri-cot bikini in black.

dolce & gabbana sunglasses

Miami, January 2013

Funny thing is, I bought these matching pieces of the same bathing suit on separate websites at different times.  Both were originally $25.  I purchased the bottom on for only $4 and later got the top for $8 on bringing my to grand total of $12.  I saved $13 or 60%.

So I spent only $13 on the Miami equivalent of an LBD, my favorite LBB, little black bikini.

xo Rae


dolce & gabbana sunglasses 2

spoiled brats

Between social media and our newly evolved digital appendages, society, especially Gen Y (aka the self-promoting, narcissistic  Generation I, named by the Manrepeller) is truly full of instant gratification demanding, spoiled brats.  You know you are.  Think of the sheer panic that takes over if your tablet touch screen doesn’t respond in a millisecond.

So as the first world brat I’ve slowly become, I ask myself, if I can have so much information at my finger tips, should I let this attitude bleed into my everyday life?  Why shouldn’t I have a $450 pair of black leather boots and why shouldn’t I have them now?  False.  I definitely have a “I want it right now” attitude but  I recognize, sometimes I need to pump the brakes.

As I’ve previously stated, my patience for certain things may be waning however for material things, I can live without… for at least a week.

Having finally made it through the holidays and deeming out my financial situation stable, I took myself shopping.  Heavy-hearted, I left the mall two Friday’s ago empty handed.  I had only come across one thing I wanted and man, I wanted it.  I just couldn’t justify buying a third pair of black boots, in Miami.  Even though they weren’t just any set of black boots, I walked away.  And even more uncharacteristic of myself, I walked away from a great price.  These Stuart Weitzman boots were originally $450, marked down to $156 with an additional 30% off, bringing the price to about $110.  I left a little bit of my soul in Bloomingdale’s that afternoon.

stuart weitzman black zipper boots

Fast forward seven days later, I had a flight booked to NY and just put up a post about my friend Anthony’s boots, which triggered major boot envy.  That Friday morning I committed to get back to Bloomies and buy those boots that were going to be perfect for my trip north, if they weren’t gone.  Patience truly is virtuous because not only did I get the boots, they were marked down more!  At 50% off $156, my final total was $78.  My patience saved me $372.

So yes, I recognize that my excessive instagramming, tweeting, Googling and texting certainly portrays a degree of instant gratification obsession but hopefully us 80s babies that didn’t grow up in this digital mess can hold onto a little bit of patience in the real world.  Admittedly, I walked out of the mall that day and immediately tweeted an excessively, emoji filled tweet announcing my fantastic purchase that would be featured on the blog this week however, outside of my digital life, I’ll continue to practice patience.

xo Rae

dolce & gabbana sunglasses

people don’t wear clothes in Miami

I spent a summer in Miami at 20.  As I was packing before the inevitably lengthy drive from upstate NY, I called a friend that lived here to consult about what to bring.  He told me, “Sunglasses.  It’s too hot during the summer.  No one wear clothes.  Just bring a couple pairs of sunglasses, maybe a bathing suit.”  Unfortunately, I am notorious for misplacing or breaking sunglasses.  Fortunately, not sure if you guys have heard, but I am a pretty good shopper and usually pick up pairs for a quarter of the retail price.

Seven years later, on the verge of getting through my third winter in Miami, I finally picked up the most Miami-esque (brandwise at least) set of sunglasses I’ve ever owned.  Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly love my Ashbury’s but for days like yesterday, it seemed the advice from an old friend rang true.

dolce & gabbana sunglasses 2

a necessity for driving boats… of course. 

I fell in love (awkwardly because I don’t think my friends even gave these glasses a second glance) months ago in Sunglasses Hut on Lincoln Road, so much so that I took a picture of the tag to get the proper product code (3081 502/13, if your interested).  So when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, not only did I reveal I wanted Dolce & Gabbana shades, but I gave the original cost, the product code and a link to a much better price.  Sunglasses Hut had them for $169.99. has them for only $108.  My mom saved just about $62 with an almost 40% discount.

The moral of this story is browse in person, shop online and pack light for Miami.

xo Rae

all saints mens boots

I know your taste is… hmmm, a little bit high maintenance

High maintenance men.  Guilty, I love them to a degree.  I can live without the neediness most exude however, one that likes to shop as much as me?  Let’s go.

My good friend and NYC native, Anthony, loves to shop equally (or WAY more) than I do.  I experienced this first hand.  In an attempt to do some Christmas shopping on my first day in New York, I left with that black body suit and black dress from American Apparel I posted about and I am pretty sure he went home with a healthy sized bag from All Saints.  Fail… or win, whichever.

In discussions regarding future trips to New York, Anthony informed me he had picked up some blog-worthy boots.  I love it.  Apparently All Saints is clearing out their winter clothes to make room for their spring line, fantastic.

all saints mens boots

anthony 7ten group all saints mens boots

How many different people’s selfies do you think I can incorporate into this blog?  Anyways, the boots, originally $300, only cost him $88.  That’s a total savings of $212 or just over 70%.  Bravo Anthony!

So, ummm, does anyone want to go to Lincoln Road or Aventura Mall this weekend and take a stroll through All Saints?

xo Rae

jasmine's DIY destroyed denim

sincerest form of flattery

One of my oldest friends texted me a little over a week ago about my favorite shorts, referenced in yesterday’s MVP post, the Levi’s high-waisted, destroyed denim from UO.   Jasmine and I often shared clothing woes and shopping strategies as she is also very tall.  She saw them in the pics from the ‘all black everything’ post.  I explained to her I wrote about them awhile ago and had two pairs, but her best bet would probably be to check online.  She thought otherwise.

Upon hearing that the UO shorts were listed as “one size” and that I literally tried on 10 pairs in store because they are not even remotely close to one size fits all, she decided to take matters into her own hands.  After her questions and some examination of the shorts on my part, I told her that they are literally old Levi’s mom jeans that are perfectly cut into shorts.  By the end of the day Jasmine triumphantly texted me and had picked up exactly that, mom jeans.  For only $3.99 at the local thrift shop she got a pair of old Levi’s.

jasmine's DIY destroyed denim 2

She took it to YouTube, checked out a couple tutorials and went to work.  The original price of my first pair of shorts was $44.  At $3.99,  she saved $40.01 or about 90% and they are definitely from the IDENTICAL Levi’s mine are made from.  She totally one-upped me and now you have plenty of options to find the perfect pair for yourself.

xo Rae