Daily Archives: December 30, 2012

bcbh isela black shoes

combined forces

My mom always does awesome for Christmas but does ask for some guidance, even though she doesn’t really need it.  This year I asked for some specifics and this particular pair of shoes was pretty affordable but I figured I’d include them on my Christmas list.

I initially came across them here, at the Aventura DSW.  They were only $53!  Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size. Over Thanksgiving, I checked both the Utica and Syracuse DSWs to no avail.  This is how they got put on the Christmas list, they needed to be ordered online.
Come to find out after all the presents had been opened, my mom had a $10 off bonus from their rewards bonus.  I did also, and had given her mine to use too.
The BCBG Isela’s were originally $98 , marked down to $53 with two additional $10 off bonuses bringing the final price for this great gift to $33, which seems to have left some extra cash for the D&G sunglasses my mom so generously gave me!
This may be my NYE shoes, party location and dress pending of course!
xo Rae