Daily Archives: December 27, 2012

red suede boots

blue suede shoes are great and all but red…

Red suede boots for every occasion!  Don’t be concerned, I only have one pair of red suede boots.  Two pairs would definitely be excessive.  However, I am featuring two pairs, one from my girlfriend Adrienne and the other mine of course.

Both of us currently are South Florida residents originally from the Northeast and when I’m home in upstate New York, all I want to buy is boots!

As Adrienne and I went over our couple days leading up to the predicted end of the world (good to have you all here still), she informed me she picked up the perfect pair of boots.  Now I know she has similar boots in a couple colors but she said these were far better quality.

Originally $100, she picked up this casual, low heeled pair of booties from Aldo for only $38, saving 62%.  Nicely done!

Today, while making returns and exchanges with my mom I had to take a lap around the new DSW at home.  Well, I am ecstatic I did because I also, got red suede booties, killer red suede booties.  They are Jessica Simpson brand which may not particularly be my favorite but I have had good experience with them in the past.

This super fun pair, which I will wear sometime this weekend upon returning to Miami, were originally $118. They were marked down to $79 and then in the clearance section, bringing them down to $25.  That’s like half a tank of gas (and just about 80% off)!

Now, I hope Adrienne isn’t having the same problem but I need to go and figure out where I am going to pack these, because my carry on and person item are a little short on space.

xo Rae