Daily Archives: December 20, 2012

BCBG clutch 2

it was destined

On a recent trip home, I stopped in the newly expanded, formerly known as Carousel  Mall, Destiny USA.  Expansive and impressive, I pray the area can sustain something it’s size, I certainly appreciate it on trips home.  I was doing what was supposed to be, very brief browsing.  Instead I did some brief shopping.  In the time it took for my friend to exchange something, I had already chosen a new clutch.  Everything in the store was an additional 30% off.  At this point do you expect anything less?

I was in the new BCBG Outlet Store, one of my personal favorites to begin with and came across this perfect, tan-ish, neutral color bag.  It could potentially be carried with easily 75% of my wardrobe.

I wore the clutch with my BDG green denim from Urban Outfitters.

It was originally $88 and marked down to the outlet price of $44.  With the additional 30% off for whatever fantastic reason, the clutch only ran me about $31.  This is approximately a 62% discount.

What I love most about this bag is it’s size and versatility. It is one of two clutches I packed tonight. This is a huge deal because I successfully (I think), just packed for my 8 day marathon between the city and upstate NY for the holidays.  It will definitely get it’s use this week!

xo Rae