Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

black leather and little NY nostalgia

In most entries, the discount or savings is easily the highlight.  Most shopping is done on a relaxing, lazy afternoon.  Last night though, on a beautiful Saturday evening, I pulled a pair of shoes out of the closet that  are perfect for December in Miami but totally put me in a New York state of mind. The beauty, aside from the phenomenal savings, was the marathon leading up to literally stumbling upon them.

In October 2011 (an eternity ago), I was flying up to New York to visit a girlfriend and meet my mom in the city.  The big plan was to attend the Gilt City, Raid the Warehouse sale.  I had already hit the Miami one but I scored 3 tickets to attend the NY sale during my visit.
Per usual, my Friday night flight was late.  My girlfriend picked me up, we headed to our friend’s place in Harlem, got dressed and pre-gamed in about 10 minutes flat, hopped in a cab and headed out.  After all of the revelry, reuniting with friends and a minimal amount of sleep, we had to meet my Mom in Stamford, CT only to turn around and head back into the city for the warehouse sale.
At 26, the day had come where I would be experiencing one of the most God-awful hangovers I’d ever encountered while my mom laughed at me the entire time.
Thankfully, the day was not a total bust.  We made it to the sale and amid the DJ playing half the set list from the evening before and me trying to nab as many coconut waters as I could, I parked it in the shoe section to attempt to try on everything  in my size within arms reach.  Looking back, this is a perfect example of why I write the discount diary.  Although I was in less than optimal shape to be attending a sale with complimentary adult beverages and a DJ, I still found an amazing pair of shoes.  I immediately found an open seat to uselessly wait for my shopping buddies.
These Cynthia Vincent’s were originally $375.  They were marked down to a staggering $76.  My ticket was also $10, so combined I spent $86, saving a total of $289 or 77%.
Every time I pull these shoes out of the closet I think about that weekend, laugh and check flights to NY.
xo Rae
Erin and I at Tenjune, Octber 2011 in great spirits, pre-sale.