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I need some feedback.  I know they have become a part of the norm however I do truly have a little bit of a problem with selfies.  I have been utilizing them more for blogging my new purchases.  My dilemma lies in that, as a very non-judgmental person, I am also straight forward enough to say I am judging you if your instagram and Facebook are stock piled with selfies of you in the same mirror, in the same pose, making the same face.  This is just a simple fact.

However, I would like to do occasional #ootd (outfit of the day) or #wdywt (what did you wear today) posts and  give you the total of the outfit plus the links to previously blogged items.

My biggest justification is if the Manrepeller does it, it can’t be that bad right?  If you don’t know about her, look her up.  Her story is pretty bad ass by blogger standards or any standards for that matter.

So, here it is, the dreaded selfie I took in the restaurant bathroom.  The shame.  Perhaps next time I’ll just harass my roommate/younger brother, but probably not.

selfie, #ootd, #wdywt, 
wtf do any of you even know what this means?

Tonight I wore my green BDG jeans, an unblogged Joie top, my BDG denim top, my diba boots and carried my vintage Ferragamo bag.  My accessories include my 50 cent phone case, unblogged Michael Kors watch I received as a gift, a $5 ring from H&M and a random brand two-toned bracelet from of Hautelook for $14.99.

BDG jean from $76 to $24
BDG denim top from $59 to $14.99
diba boots from $80 to $39
Ferragamo bag estimated at $200 to $35

The total for all of my Discount Diary items would have been $415 but I only spent about $113.

There it is, my first #ootd/#wdywt post, in the books.  I hope the embarrassment will allow you all to see I could purchase 3+ full outfits for what the original price of this one would’ve been.  Also, I buy most things discounted but not every single thing, I accept gifts too. :)

xo Rae