Daily Archives: December 13, 2012

premature Merry Christmas to me

Patience is indeed a virtue.  In retail, however, there are definitely certain stores that if you find something you can’t live without, buy it on the spot.  Thankfully, I exercised my developing, mature quality because I knew America Apparel is a store that I can practice patience with.  Furthermore, the pic of this dress online unfortunately does it no justice.  This translated to hopefully being available in my size when I was ready to buy.

I saw the dress, visited it once, ya know to make sure I was going to order the correct size, and then waited.   I waited long enough that I made it all the way until Cyber Monday.  Although, I didn’t manage to pick up any gifts for loved ones, I decided, Merry early Christmas to me.

American Apparel’s Cyber Monday promotion was 20% off everything.  I purchased the Belle du Jour dress which was originally $65.  I paid $52 and also received free shipping for having an order over $50.  The total would’ve been $72 and at $52, I saved a total 28%.

I love this dress.  It’s a little heavier than most AA dresses, is fitted down to the knee, super sexy and extra classy.  I highly recommend it!

xo Rae