Daily Archives: December 12, 2012

efficient Christmas shopping

There is absolutely no reason at this day in age people should driving in circles in mall parking garages eternally looking for a spot whilst rapidly losing their Christmas spirit.  I celebrate the holiday with my family in upstate NY and shop from Miami so online shopping is the best option for me.  Not only can I comb the depths of the internet for a discount code but I always have all my gifts shipped directly to my moms house preventing me from having to enter a post office (dating myself there) or flying with them.  Below are my top three gifts sites.

Gilt.com – They are one my favorite websites period.  I think after my social networks this may be my most visited site.
Gifts I’ve purchased:  I’ve picked up two different pairs of sneakers for some of the men in my life and a luggage tag with a stick figure drunk guy for the traveler in my life.  If you are concerned about sizes they have amazing accessories, home goods and books.  You can also consider a Gilt City Experience voucher for your gift recipients.
The Discount:  Everything is discounted up to 60%+ from their original retail costs.

Karmaloop.com – The Boston based company may not be for everybody but is super bad ass.
Gifts I’ve purchased: I’ve gotten an array of obscure t-shirts but the best gift I’ve purchased on Karmaloop was a pair of the original Ray-Ban waferers with a discount!
The Discount:  They often run promo codes and count down to Christmas sales.  They also have affiliate codes if you can’t find an active promotion going on.

Amazon.com – Obviously.
Gifts I’ve purchased: Another obvious statement, books, but Amazon is where I picked up multiple ESPN 30 for 30 DVD box sets.
The Discount:  If you are making any purchase that you can pick up at an electronic store or book store, compare your price on Amazon first.  Most of us have smartphones right?  Do it from the store – save yourself some cash.

Ok, now snuggle up in your bed, make sure your charger is close by and finish checking things off your list!

xo Rae