Daily Archives: December 5, 2012

dreams of paradise

Last night I attended my third Art Basel kick off party at the MoCA NoMi (fancy, I know, it’s the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami).  To put it plainly, I’d say the party the prior two years was superior, better DJ, better food and I think the party itself was longer, but most importantly, the ticket was cheaper.

Conveniently, my girlfriend and I miraculously got in for free.  Literally though, miraculously and I’ll leave it at that, just a little Basel magic I suppose.  
I spent a total of $4 to tip the bartenders.  I did not pay the $35 ticket price that would’ve covered my three complimentary cocktails during the Belvedere open bar and the hors d’vours they served.  I saved $31 or 87%.  Not bad for Tuesday before 10pm.  
Basel Tov!
xo Rae

Me and the Paradise installation by Jack Pierson.

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