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bcbh isela black shoes

combined forces

My mom always does awesome for Christmas but does ask for some guidance, even though she doesn’t really need it.  This year I asked for some specifics and this particular pair of shoes was pretty affordable but I figured I’d include them on my Christmas list.

I initially came across them here, at the Aventura DSW.  They were only $53!  Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size. Over Thanksgiving, I checked both the Utica and Syracuse DSWs to no avail.  This is how they got put on the Christmas list, they needed to be ordered online.
Come to find out after all the presents had been opened, my mom had a $10 off bonus from their rewards bonus.  I did also, and had given her mine to use too.
The BCBG Isela’s were originally $98 , marked down to $53 with two additional $10 off bonuses bringing the final price for this great gift to $33, which seems to have left some extra cash for the D&G sunglasses my mom so generously gave me!
This may be my NYE shoes, party location and dress pending of course!
xo Rae
red suede boots

blue suede shoes are great and all but red…

Red suede boots for every occasion!  Don’t be concerned, I only have one pair of red suede boots.  Two pairs would definitely be excessive.  However, I am featuring two pairs, one from my girlfriend Adrienne and the other mine of course.

Both of us currently are South Florida residents originally from the Northeast and when I’m home in upstate New York, all I want to buy is boots!

As Adrienne and I went over our couple days leading up to the predicted end of the world (good to have you all here still), she informed me she picked up the perfect pair of boots.  Now I know she has similar boots in a couple colors but she said these were far better quality.

Originally $100, she picked up this casual, low heeled pair of booties from Aldo for only $38, saving 62%.  Nicely done!

Today, while making returns and exchanges with my mom I had to take a lap around the new DSW at home.  Well, I am ecstatic I did because I also, got red suede booties, killer red suede booties.  They are Jessica Simpson brand which may not particularly be my favorite but I have had good experience with them in the past.

This super fun pair, which I will wear sometime this weekend upon returning to Miami, were originally $118. They were marked down to $79 and then in the clearance section, bringing them down to $25.  That’s like half a tank of gas (and just about 80% off)!

Now, I hope Adrienne isn’t having the same problem but I need to go and figure out where I am going to pack these, because my carry on and person item are a little short on space.

xo Rae

lucky brand sweater

last minute Christmas shopping

In a whirlwind of flights, friends, late nights, long brunches, obnoxious tweets, family jello shots and a little bit of snow, I’m finally to my parents house after leaving Miami on the 20th.  It’s Christmas Eve and I still need to pick up some small gifts for tomorrow.

Among the sea of North Face zip-ups and salt stained Uggs, I managed head out in something equally as comfortable, not half as typical but still warm enough to combat the upstate winter.

I picked up this super heavy, awesome sweater at Dolphin Mall in the Lord and Taylor outlet last winter in Miami.  I am positive it would’ve never sold to any of the average residents of Doral, FL that frequent Dolphin Mall.  The Lucky Brand sweater was originally $169.  After being marked down numerous times, I only paid $39.99 for it.  I saved 77%.

Obviously, there isn’t really a time in Miami I can wear it but today seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it with jeans and my flat, black over-the-knee boots.  Merry Christmas everyone!!
xo Rae


BCBG clutch 2

it was destined

On a recent trip home, I stopped in the newly expanded, formerly known as Carousel  Mall, Destiny USA.  Expansive and impressive, I pray the area can sustain something it’s size, I certainly appreciate it on trips home.  I was doing what was supposed to be, very brief browsing.  Instead I did some brief shopping.  In the time it took for my friend to exchange something, I had already chosen a new clutch.  Everything in the store was an additional 30% off.  At this point do you expect anything less?

I was in the new BCBG Outlet Store, one of my personal favorites to begin with and came across this perfect, tan-ish, neutral color bag.  It could potentially be carried with easily 75% of my wardrobe.

I wore the clutch with my BDG green denim from Urban Outfitters.

It was originally $88 and marked down to the outlet price of $44.  With the additional 30% off for whatever fantastic reason, the clutch only ran me about $31.  This is approximately a 62% discount.

What I love most about this bag is it’s size and versatility. It is one of two clutches I packed tonight. This is a huge deal because I successfully (I think), just packed for my 8 day marathon between the city and upstate NY for the holidays.  It will definitely get it’s use this week!

xo Rae

inbox excerpt

I sign up for every email list I can get on.  It could be because email marketing is part of what I do for my job but it is mainly for the deals my overflowing out of my inbox.

I decided just to give you guys a little taste of what today’s inbox includes and why you should sign up.  Also, if you don’t want to continue to receive emails, for the love of God, just unsubscribe, they aren’t spamming you.  It’s likely you forfeited your email address. is highlighting up to 50% off shoes and up to 25% some of your favorite brands.  They are also offering free express shipping on orders of $140 or more using the promo code EXPRESSUSA. is offering up to 30% off using the promo code SCROOGE and $5.95 flat rate shipping to arrive before Christmas. is over Christmas already and letting you know you should get ahead of them game too.  They are promoting their 25% off sale on all of their New Year’s Eve looks.

Urban Outfitters is having a Welcome Home sale, targeting college students but in an effort to not exclude anyone, let me know with a college ID (no matter how old it is) they are taking 15% off EVERYTHING in store for today, December 18, only.  Get out there.

Bloomindales has a lot going on in their email.  Mainly, you need to know they are offering 25-50% off dresses and there is 3 days lefts to get free shipping on any online order.  Have I mentioned I love shopping online? No? Never?

Loehmann’s is going all out with 30% off everything until Christmas Eve, in stores and online.  They are not playing around.

And of course, you can never go wrong with Gilt, not only to they have specially curated sales for gifts.  They are featuring one of my favorites, American Apparel.

If you haven’t completed Christmas shopping yet, it may be your last chance to receive everything in time and there seems to be plenty of discount shipping options.  Take advantage!

xo Rae

black leather and little NY nostalgia

In most entries, the discount or savings is easily the highlight.  Most shopping is done on a relaxing, lazy afternoon.  Last night though, on a beautiful Saturday evening, I pulled a pair of shoes out of the closet that  are perfect for December in Miami but totally put me in a New York state of mind. The beauty, aside from the phenomenal savings, was the marathon leading up to literally stumbling upon them.

In October 2011 (an eternity ago), I was flying up to New York to visit a girlfriend and meet my mom in the city.  The big plan was to attend the Gilt City, Raid the Warehouse sale.  I had already hit the Miami one but I scored 3 tickets to attend the NY sale during my visit.
Per usual, my Friday night flight was late.  My girlfriend picked me up, we headed to our friend’s place in Harlem, got dressed and pre-gamed in about 10 minutes flat, hopped in a cab and headed out.  After all of the revelry, reuniting with friends and a minimal amount of sleep, we had to meet my Mom in Stamford, CT only to turn around and head back into the city for the warehouse sale.
At 26, the day had come where I would be experiencing one of the most God-awful hangovers I’d ever encountered while my mom laughed at me the entire time.
Thankfully, the day was not a total bust.  We made it to the sale and amid the DJ playing half the set list from the evening before and me trying to nab as many coconut waters as I could, I parked it in the shoe section to attempt to try on everything  in my size within arms reach.  Looking back, this is a perfect example of why I write the discount diary.  Although I was in less than optimal shape to be attending a sale with complimentary adult beverages and a DJ, I still found an amazing pair of shoes.  I immediately found an open seat to uselessly wait for my shopping buddies.
These Cynthia Vincent’s were originally $375.  They were marked down to a staggering $76.  My ticket was also $10, so combined I spent $86, saving a total of $289 or 77%.
Every time I pull these shoes out of the closet I think about that weekend, laugh and check flights to NY.
xo Rae
Erin and I at Tenjune, Octber 2011 in great spirits, pre-sale.


I need some feedback.  I know they have become a part of the norm however I do truly have a little bit of a problem with selfies.  I have been utilizing them more for blogging my new purchases.  My dilemma lies in that, as a very non-judgmental person, I am also straight forward enough to say I am judging you if your instagram and Facebook are stock piled with selfies of you in the same mirror, in the same pose, making the same face.  This is just a simple fact.

However, I would like to do occasional #ootd (outfit of the day) or #wdywt (what did you wear today) posts and  give you the total of the outfit plus the links to previously blogged items.

My biggest justification is if the Manrepeller does it, it can’t be that bad right?  If you don’t know about her, look her up.  Her story is pretty bad ass by blogger standards or any standards for that matter.

So, here it is, the dreaded selfie I took in the restaurant bathroom.  The shame.  Perhaps next time I’ll just harass my roommate/younger brother, but probably not.

selfie, #ootd, #wdywt, 
wtf do any of you even know what this means?

Tonight I wore my green BDG jeans, an unblogged Joie top, my BDG denim top, my diba boots and carried my vintage Ferragamo bag.  My accessories include my 50 cent phone case, unblogged Michael Kors watch I received as a gift, a $5 ring from H&M and a random brand two-toned bracelet from of Hautelook for $14.99.

BDG jean from $76 to $24
BDG denim top from $59 to $14.99
diba boots from $80 to $39
Ferragamo bag estimated at $200 to $35

The total for all of my Discount Diary items would have been $415 but I only spent about $113.

There it is, my first #ootd/#wdywt post, in the books.  I hope the embarrassment will allow you all to see I could purchase 3+ full outfits for what the original price of this one would’ve been.  Also, I buy most things discounted but not every single thing, I accept gifts too. :)

xo Rae

premature Merry Christmas to me

Patience is indeed a virtue.  In retail, however, there are definitely certain stores that if you find something you can’t live without, buy it on the spot.  Thankfully, I exercised my developing, mature quality because I knew America Apparel is a store that I can practice patience with.  Furthermore, the pic of this dress online unfortunately does it no justice.  This translated to hopefully being available in my size when I was ready to buy.

I saw the dress, visited it once, ya know to make sure I was going to order the correct size, and then waited.   I waited long enough that I made it all the way until Cyber Monday.  Although, I didn’t manage to pick up any gifts for loved ones, I decided, Merry early Christmas to me.

American Apparel’s Cyber Monday promotion was 20% off everything.  I purchased the Belle du Jour dress which was originally $65.  I paid $52 and also received free shipping for having an order over $50.  The total would’ve been $72 and at $52, I saved a total 28%.

I love this dress.  It’s a little heavier than most AA dresses, is fitted down to the knee, super sexy and extra classy.  I highly recommend it!

xo Rae

efficient Christmas shopping

There is absolutely no reason at this day in age people should driving in circles in mall parking garages eternally looking for a spot whilst rapidly losing their Christmas spirit.  I celebrate the holiday with my family in upstate NY and shop from Miami so online shopping is the best option for me.  Not only can I comb the depths of the internet for a discount code but I always have all my gifts shipped directly to my moms house preventing me from having to enter a post office (dating myself there) or flying with them.  Below are my top three gifts sites. – They are one my favorite websites period.  I think after my social networks this may be my most visited site.
Gifts I’ve purchased:  I’ve picked up two different pairs of sneakers for some of the men in my life and a luggage tag with a stick figure drunk guy for the traveler in my life.  If you are concerned about sizes they have amazing accessories, home goods and books.  You can also consider a Gilt City Experience voucher for your gift recipients.
The Discount:  Everything is discounted up to 60%+ from their original retail costs. – The Boston based company may not be for everybody but is super bad ass.
Gifts I’ve purchased: I’ve gotten an array of obscure t-shirts but the best gift I’ve purchased on Karmaloop was a pair of the original Ray-Ban waferers with a discount!
The Discount:  They often run promo codes and count down to Christmas sales.  They also have affiliate codes if you can’t find an active promotion going on. – Obviously.
Gifts I’ve purchased: Another obvious statement, books, but Amazon is where I picked up multiple ESPN 30 for 30 DVD box sets.
The Discount:  If you are making any purchase that you can pick up at an electronic store or book store, compare your price on Amazon first.  Most of us have smartphones right?  Do it from the store – save yourself some cash.

Ok, now snuggle up in your bed, make sure your charger is close by and finish checking things off your list!

xo Rae

Christmas Tip

In the midst of saving and spending on others my shopping seems to have come to a screeching halt however, a friend of mine did share a Christmas shopping tip she picked up while shopping for the heavily coveted electronics of season.

BestBuy has a section where they put out undamaged items that have been opened and returned or that the boxes have been damaged.  They simply reseal and put a marked down price that seemed to range anywhere between 15-50%.

Perhaps you won’t find an iPhone 5 on this shelf, but its totally worth taking a little stroll down the aisle.  Between the TVs, cameras and other gadgets maybe you can check someone off Christmas list.  Even better though, imagine what the aisle will look like after December 26.

xo Rae