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she’s got a lot of baggage

Once upon a time, there was this store I’d never heard of that held this sale that consequently, I’d also never heard of, which is honestly, truly… unheard of.  Regardless, both my girlfriends from Fort Lauderdale and my former coworker, all originally from NY or Boston introduced me to LF’s bi-yearly 60% off sale.  They usually fall within February and August.  Quite honestly this sale, is the only reason I started going to LF.  

Even prior to The Discount Diary, my girlfriends knew my love (to a fault) for a good sale.  So, two sales/seasons ago, I attended my first one.  Like most week long, season closeout sales, LF’s was slightly overwhelming.  The clothing proved to be a little too much for me to handle during my first visit.  However, I found the accessories is definitely where it’s at!
I picked up this awesome, bright colored, large woven tote.  It has since become main my carry on bag for my frequent flights north but I also use it for South Florida day trips or when crashing up in Fort Lauderdale for the night.  It has a big open inside, zip closure on the top, two small open pockets and an additional larger   zip pocket.  The over the shoulder strap and smaller set of straps make it super versatile, which is why I use it so often.
The sale is always 60% off everything in the store.  Being originally $150, I paid only $60 for it.  Now, if only these airlines would stop making me pay so much for all my baggage.
xo Rae 

Merry Birthday

With Black Friday looming and my personal favorite, Cyber Monday, creeping in the shadows I’d like to provide my first gift suggestion.  Obviously, this will be a gift from last year as to not destroy any surprises (or because I haven’t started shopping yet).

I have been blessed enough to have BOTH of my parents birthday’s fall within 10 days of Christmas which truly is a struggle for me, every single year.  I have a much simpler time shopping for my Mom than my Dad.

So, here’s to Dads, especially since my Dad composed a text message to inform me he’s enjoying reading my blog.  This is a HUGE deal as my Dad just learned to text within the last two years, isn’t on Facebook and I’m sure the only tweets he’s ever seen are the ones being discussed by ESPN analysts.  Hi Dad!

I bought my Dad ESPN’s Seasons I and II, 30 for 30 box sets.  Essentially the same gift two years in a row?  Yes, after overhearing my Dad mention the first season to his brothers, the second season the following year was a no brainer.

Photo Credit:

I got both sets on Amazon.  For Xmas/Bday 2010 I paid $52 and for 2011 I paid $56.  At the time, they were each $76.  The total for both would’ve been $152 and I paid $108, a 30% discount.  Not bad for the holiday season,
Luckily for you they are listed at $49.99 on and even less on Amazon.  Even though the seasons are from a couple years ago, they are classics a perfect option for any sports obsessed man in your life.  Cross your fingers season III will be available for me for this year!
xo Rae

surprise DVF!

As planned, on Sunday, I headed down to the Lincoln Road Antique Market.  I wasn’t really shopping for anything in particular.  Per usual, the weather was perfect and after a late night with some friends in town it seemed like the perfect day for browsing.

Apparently, in regards to shopping, I need to get a firm grip on reality.  Sometimes I’ll leave empty handed but more often than not it is fairly unlikely, especially when prices are so reasonable.

At one booth there was a couple tables that actually had prices on them and there was a selection of $10 necklaces.  I picked one that I could see myself wearing and purchased it.  I didn’t haggle, it seemed reasonable.  I mean you can barely get a decent quality necklace for $30 and this one had some weight to it.

At work Monday morning, I realized my purchase was still in my purse.  I pulled it out to show a coworker, trying to convince her to come to the next Sunday market with me.  She asked if I knew what brand it was.  For the first time, I looked at the little tag by the clasp.  To my genuine surprise, my jaw dropped – it was a Diane Von Furstenberg.  I died.  I bought this necklace for $10!  
When I got home, I did a quick search and it seems that it is from the late 70s or 80s.  I was having some trouble finding the exact price, however I did come across this identical one with a little extra rhinestone gaudiness available in the vintage section of Urban Outfitter’s website for $289.  I found another similar one listed at $270.  Since this one is without rhinestones, I am going to estimate that it could have been listed at $250.  I literally paid 4% of this or 96% percent off.  
I seriously can’t wait for the next Antique Market.  Who’s coming with?
xo Rae

“Attitude is everything.” – Diane Von Furstenberg

Second Saturdays

On the second Saturday of every month, all of the galleries in Miami’s art district, Wynwood, open their doors for (you guessed it) free.  With it’s infrequency, it really is a nice change of pace.  From what I understand Miami’s art scene is very non-traditional and more up and coming.  With Art Basel quickly approaching, I took my friend for her first Art Walk.

Aside from being able to explore all of the galleries at your own pace, some offer free drinks.  Otherwise there is a wide variety of food options between the resident eateries like Wynwood Kitchen and Joey’s, and all of Miami’s best food trucks park it in an empty lot.  As if that isn’t enough, places like Wood Tavern, Lester’s and Cafeina are all open during and after.  It is one of the least pretentious events in Miami.  An extremely diverse crowd is always in attendance.  With multiple DJ’s and live musicians playing on the sidewalks between the galleries it is essentially an art inspired block party.

Now, of course if you so choose to buy food and drinks there will be more cost and I obviously highly recommend taking advantage of the food truck round up.  However, by attending the second Saturday Art Walk not only are you getting the value of the incredible environment created but you could attend without spending any money.  Wynwood guided tours are available every Saturday for $50 a person, minus the food trucks, DJs and incredible people watching.  I am sure one can learn a lot about the galleries and featured artists by taking the guided tour however, the environment makes attending Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walks the obvious choice for me!

xo Rae

These are all old floppy disks!

featured friend and her birthday suit

Conveniently, everyone’s birthday suit is free.  So she had that going for her, which is nice.   But really, my best friend Britty is celebrating her birthday this weekend.  Unfortunately, by her premature entrance into adulthood, working in her first year of her residency and me being located in Miami, we will not be celebrating together.

With her being a babe but having to spend the majority of her time in scrubs, delivering babies (no big deal), I was excited to hear she treated herself to a new dress for her birthday, until I found out it was a dress I loved and just never brought myself to buy.  Then I was just jealous of her French Connection, Fast Sidney.  ;)

Photo Credi:

I promptly asked her where she got it.  With great pride she disclosed that she did not pay full price for it.   The dress was originally $198 and she got in a flash sale on Rue La La for $79.  That is a 60% discount. Bravo Britt!!

Happy Birthday Britty!  I love you and you’re going to look amazing in your dress!  Everyone send birthday love to her on Twitter @BrittyJoK!

xo Rae

80s baby, born too late

Thank God for colored denim.  How many washes of blue jeans can a girl own?  Specifically, a nearly 6′ tall girl that prefers them a little higher cut (down with low rise) – not many.  My office has a casual/non-existent dress code and the air conditioning works really well so jeans are an everyday sort of thing.  

Urban Outfitters, one of my go-to‘s, was having a sale on all of their denim.  I will literally buy almost any pair of jeans that are long enough and that I do not need to wear a belt with.  Sound weird?  Whatever, it’s difficult to find long enough jeans that aren’t identical to everything I already own.

I picked up these green BDG cigarette cut jeans.  The color isn’t too overwhelming for my long legs (think yellow, no good).  They were originally $76.  I paid $24, about 68% off and I love them.  I wear them to work, out to dinner, out on weekends, literally everywhere.  They are the perfect length for me and a little bit higher waisted.  I should have been born in the 70s.

xo Rae

first impression accessories

With the ease of sending contact information via iMessage, bumping phones, emailing from our tablets and  other digitally superior avenues, it does seem like the demise of business cards may be nearing.

Personally, I am still intrigued by a uniquely designed business card.  Call me old fashion, but I think they add to the potentially game-changing first impression.  Also, there is just some degree of creepiness with the thought of some old married guy putting my contact info directly into his phone.  No thank you.

On to the dilemma, how would I protect my business cards from the overflowing innards of my purse?  Or how would I transfer them safely between handbags?  Surely, I needed a rad business card case.  If you haven’t noticed yet I like to have different things.  Unique, in that it is unlikely anyone will have the same thing, not in that everyone knows about it just can’t afford it.  I am definitely not about that life.

There is a flea market in Hallandale every Saturday and Sunday morning in the Gulfstream Dog Racing Park parking lot full of snow birds from the North.  There is a woman there, Zelda (for real), who runs my favorite booth.  Honestly, she is absolutely miserable but hands down has my favorite jewelry and other small treasures.  Here, with Zelda is where I found my beautiful little card case.

With my sub-par haggling skills, I managed to nab the card case for $7.  It needed to have these velcro things scraped off and desperately needed to be polished.  Upon doing a quick internet search, I found some cheesy ones that appeared to be of decent or similar quality for about $40.  I saved around $33 or approximately 83%.  There were much more expensive ones as well as cheap generic options available but they simply weren’t something I want to aid in my first impressions.

xo Rae

in the black

Deficit, spend, debt – ahhhh.  It’s time to make some money.  I have displayed some superior savings for sure but with taking advantage of sales still comes spending cash.

How could I recoup some funds?  I recently moved from a house to a townhouse (thank God) and realized there were somethings that I simply did not need any longer.

Well I took it to Craigslist.  I sold two items, a push mower and an ottoman.  The push mower, conveniently, I didn’t purchase, however I did have some concern over why anyone would want a push mower to use in this South Florida humidity.  The ottoman seemed like a no brainer, especially since I only paid $40 for it when I found it on Craigslist about 2 years prior.

I posted the push mower as environmentally friendly and suggested it be used for small lawns or maintenance between visits from the landscapers.  Apparently, this resonated with a South Florida home owner and he gave me $65 for it.  I asked for $70 and the original cost was $80 but like I said, I didn’t pay for it so, that was pure profit.

The ottoman proved to be a little more difficult with there being a wide variety of other ottomans available on Craigslist.  Unrealistically, I posted it for exactly what I bought it for originally accepting someone would end up haggling with me and taking it for less.  It sold for $25.  Essentially, that means I paid $15 to use it for two years.

I made $90.  Perhaps that wouldn’t send me soaring into the black, but I’ll take it.  

Also, be careful selling things and posting your address on Craigslist.  I made sure to have my super strong younger brother present for both transactions.

xo Rae


friends with benefits

There is absolutely no reason relationships between people shouldn’t be beneficial to both parties.  As I hope you have the common sense to assume, I am not going to be talking about any sort of inappropriate benefits between friends.  You guys are on your own with those “relationships”.

I am talking about a friend or acquaintance, that as a female living in a large city with a plethora of nightlife options, can facilitate some aspects of your social life, for free.  They are nightclub promoters.

It’s a mutual, almost business relationship however just like with your friends, you’ll want to be selective, as will they.

What you get:
First and foremost, free access to the venue with minimal waiting out front but never in line.  Once escorted to the table, drinks are free all night.  Some promoters hold dinners before, do pool parties or other events but generally free access, no line and free drinks are what you benefit.

What you give:
This is their job.  They make money off of your presence.  Show up on time.  It’s not that difficult, if they say midnight, get there at midnight.  Bring lots of hot, fun girlfriends.  Stand, dance, drink, enjoy yourself and if you must sit, sit where they prefer you to sit.   You and all of your girlfriends are having a free night out, if he asks you to sit on the top of the couch and not the bottom, just do it.

If you want to continue to go out with this promoter don’t be THAT girl.  Free drinks do not represent the green light to drink as much as you can and need to carried out at the end of the night.
Promoters are friendly.  They obviously need to possess an attractive quality about them to produce.  They are flirting with ALL of the girls.  Do not be jealous or needy.
Use your manners.  I know your parents all taught you how to say thank you.

Now, on to the numbers.  Cover charges vary, when the exist.  So, to start I will not be paying $20 to get in.  Over the course of the night, for the sake of numbers, let’s say I have four free drinks at the table.  Drink prices also vary $13-18.  I’ll use $16.  So, four drinks at $16 each, plus a $2 dollar gratuity on each.  Potentially, the total cost of this night would minimally be $92 and I paid nothing.  Being that I go out like this frequently enough, to different places, today’s numbers are more of any average but I still saved 100%.  Normally, the only thing my girlfriends and I end up paying for is a cab at the end of the night.

Party Get home responsibly.  :)

xo Rae