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stay classy Miami

Pre-Thanksgiving, with a minimal work week approaching, I attempted to get some estranged friends together on the beach on a Thursday evening.  All the stars must have been aligned or perhaps it was the promise of free vodka, but I managed.

Ketel One and Blackbook Mag have teamed up to recognize and throw events hosted by their Class Acts.   Class Acts are defined as follows, “someone every guy aspires to be – the perfect mix of charisma and care. These guys define selflessness and good company.”  They also go on to call them “distinguished gentleman” and introduce their selected Class Acts.  Ummm, two please?

The event was hosted at Wall, the lounge/nightclub in the W South Beach.  Fancy, huh?  Each of us simply had to RSVP in advance, therefore forfeiting our email addresses to an unknown promotional company in exchange for 3 early evening hours of Ketel One open bar.

They were serving specialty cocktails and light bites. I’ll use the magical number from my previous post about going out with promoters and estimate drinks to run about $16 per person.  We had 6 people in our group, averaging about 4 drinks each.

Personally, I ended up spending $10 to tip the bartenders.  Using 4 drinks at $16 plus my $10 tip, my total should have been $74.

Events like these are not a rarity.  My guy friends were absolutely shocked as they have less than frugal spending habits when in bars.  They were in total disbelief of how little they spent and what a great evening it ended up being.

And here’s a little bonus tip, I find my favorite events posted on Twitter by @SamsaysMiami and @soflanights.  Now off to make my Basel schedule filled with as many similar events as possible!

xo Rae

Stay classy Miami!