Daily Archives: November 22, 2012

Giving F’ing Thanks

With holiday travels and getting to be with some very important people in the next couple days I think I have to speak on some priceless things in my life.  So here it is.  I want to give some F’ing thanks.

The Four F’s I’m Thankful For:

My FAMILY, is truly amazing.  I mean look at them. Really though, my mom is my best friend and I am very blessed to have an extended family that is so close.  Luckily, I even get real family time in Miami with The Grangers.  Love you guys!

I couldn’t be luckier than to have some awesome FRIENDS.  Obviously, not all of them pictured but I am eternally grateful for my girlfriends ready to chat on my morning commutes, sleepovers at 27, and not only being there for me but allowing me to be there for them.  No one tells you what real life is like in your (dare I say) late 20s, thank God it’s you guys I get to go through it with.

I’m still learning and although I may not have fulfilled every goal as I wished in the past, I have to be thankful for the FAILURES I’ve endured and overcome.  No need to provide pictures or elaborate on this, you all get it.

Lastly, I am so grateful that I value, have the ability/means and people in my life to have FUN with.  Let’s never stop doing that.

Have a safe, wonderful holiday everyone!

Also, I don’t do black Friday, however I will be shopping the early bird, Gilt mobile deals at 9pm!

xo Rae