Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

ashbury griffins

sunny place, shady people

Unfortunately, I am particularly prone to accosting permanent damage to my sunglasses, historically.  I’m working on it though.  Regardless, as a perfect pair of shades are an absolute necessity in Miami, I prefer not to collect cheap ones.

Luckily, my favorite pair have made it nearly a year.  I picked up my Griffins, by Ashbury at the Miami, Gilt City, Raid the Warehouse sale last February.  They really are great quality.  I literally just sat on them in a dressing room on Saturday and they went right back to their shape.

On the Ashbury website, Griffins are listed at $85.  They can be found cheaper on different websites.  I came across them while battling the other shoppers at the warehouse sale.  I really liked them but they did not have a tag.  Later, I was able to hunt down one of Gilt’s curators and get a price.  Sold.  I paid $35 which is just under 60% off.

I have been eyeing this really great pair of D&G’s – think I’m ready to get a grown up pair yet?

xo Rae