Daily Archives: November 18, 2012

my girlfriends have a lot of baggage too

I am so impressed.  This is two weeks in a row that Britty got a killer deal.  I used to have to DRAG her into sales.  I am so proud!  She called this week with another great gift suggestion.  Conveniently, I get to share this with you because the receiver, her sister, knows she is getting this for Christmas.

She purchased the Onna Ehrich, Rachel hobo bag for her sister and herself.  It says it is originally priced at $650.  I did find some other places online where it was available for about $280 however, Britty only paid $99 for each and the best part is, the deal is still available for you here!

Two bags at originally $650 would’ve cost $1300.  Britt only paid $200.  That is an 85% savings.  Nicely done!

xo Rae