Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

she’s got a lot of baggage

Once upon a time, there was this store I’d never heard of that held this sale that consequently, I’d also never heard of, which is honestly, truly… unheard of.  Regardless, both my girlfriends from Fort Lauderdale and my former coworker, all originally from NY or Boston introduced me to LF’s bi-yearly 60% off sale.  They usually fall within February and August.  Quite honestly this sale, is the only reason I started going to LF.  

Even prior to The Discount Diary, my girlfriends knew my love (to a fault) for a good sale.  So, two sales/seasons ago, I attended my first one.  Like most week long, season closeout sales, LF’s was slightly overwhelming.  The clothing proved to be a little too much for me to handle during my first visit.  However, I found the accessories is definitely where it’s at!
I picked up this awesome, bright colored, large woven tote.  It has since become main my carry on bag for my frequent flights north but I also use it for South Florida day trips or when crashing up in Fort Lauderdale for the night.  It has a big open inside, zip closure on the top, two small open pockets and an additional larger   zip pocket.  The over the shoulder strap and smaller set of straps make it super versatile, which is why I use it so often.
The sale is always 60% off everything in the store.  Being originally $150, I paid only $60 for it.  Now, if only these airlines would stop making me pay so much for all my baggage.
xo Rae