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Merry Birthday

With Black Friday looming and my personal favorite, Cyber Monday, creeping in the shadows I’d like to provide my first gift suggestion.  Obviously, this will be a gift from last year as to not destroy any surprises (or because I haven’t started shopping yet).

I have been blessed enough to have BOTH of my parents birthday’s fall within 10 days of Christmas which truly is a struggle for me, every single year.  I have a much simpler time shopping for my Mom than my Dad.

So, here’s to Dads, especially since my Dad composed a text message to inform me he’s enjoying reading my blog.  This is a HUGE deal as my Dad just learned to text within the last two years, isn’t on Facebook and I’m sure the only tweets he’s ever seen are the ones being discussed by ESPN analysts.  Hi Dad!

I bought my Dad ESPN’s Seasons I and II, 30 for 30 box sets.  Essentially the same gift two years in a row?  Yes, after overhearing my Dad mention the first season to his brothers, the second season the following year was a no brainer.

Photo Credit: ESPNshop.com

I got both sets on Amazon.  For Xmas/Bday 2010 I paid $52 and for 2011 I paid $56.  At the time, they were each $76.  The total for both would’ve been $152 and I paid $108, a 30% discount.  Not bad for the holiday season,
Luckily for you they are listed at $49.99 on ESPNShop.com and even less on Amazon.  Even though the seasons are from a couple years ago, they are classics a perfect option for any sports obsessed man in your life.  Cross your fingers season III will be available for me for this year!
xo Rae