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surprise DVF!

As planned, on Sunday, I headed down to the Lincoln Road Antique Market.  I wasn’t really shopping for anything in particular.  Per usual, the weather was perfect and after a late night with some friends in town it seemed like the perfect day for browsing.

Apparently, in regards to shopping, I need to get a firm grip on reality.  Sometimes I’ll leave empty handed but more often than not it is fairly unlikely, especially when prices are so reasonable.

At one booth there was a couple tables that actually had prices on them and there was a selection of $10 necklaces.  I picked one that I could see myself wearing and purchased it.  I didn’t haggle, it seemed reasonable.  I mean you can barely get a decent quality necklace for $30 and this one had some weight to it.

At work Monday morning, I realized my purchase was still in my purse.  I pulled it out to show a coworker, trying to convince her to come to the next Sunday market with me.  She asked if I knew what brand it was.  For the first time, I looked at the little tag by the clasp.  To my genuine surprise, my jaw dropped – it was a Diane Von Furstenberg.  I died.  I bought this necklace for $10!  
When I got home, I did a quick search and it seems that it is from the late 70s or 80s.  I was having some trouble finding the exact price, however I did come across this identical one with a little extra rhinestone gaudiness available in the vintage section of Urban Outfitter’s website for $289.  I found another similar one listed at $270.  Since this one is without rhinestones, I am going to estimate that it could have been listed at $250.  I literally paid 4% of this or 96% percent off.  
I seriously can’t wait for the next Antique Market.  Who’s coming with?
xo Rae

“Attitude is everything.” – Diane Von Furstenberg