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Second Saturdays

On the second Saturday of every month, all of the galleries in Miami’s art district, Wynwood, open their doors for (you guessed it) free.  With it’s infrequency, it really is a nice change of pace.  From what I understand Miami’s art scene is very non-traditional and more up and coming.  With Art Basel quickly approaching, I took my friend for her first Art Walk.

Aside from being able to explore all of the galleries at your own pace, some offer free drinks.  Otherwise there is a wide variety of food options between the resident eateries like Wynwood Kitchen and Joey’s, and all of Miami’s best food trucks park it in an empty lot.  As if that isn’t enough, places like Wood Tavern, Lester’s and Cafeina are all open during and after.  It is one of the least pretentious events in Miami.  An extremely diverse crowd is always in attendance.  With multiple DJ’s and live musicians playing on the sidewalks between the galleries it is essentially an art inspired block party.

Now, of course if you so choose to buy food and drinks there will be more cost and I obviously highly recommend taking advantage of the food truck round up.  However, by attending the second Saturday Art Walk not only are you getting the value of the incredible environment created but you could attend without spending any money.  Wynwood guided tours are available every Saturday for $50 a person, minus the food trucks, DJs and incredible people watching.  I am sure one can learn a lot about the galleries and featured artists by taking the guided tour however, the environment makes attending Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walks the obvious choice for me!

xo Rae

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