Daily Archives: November 10, 2012

featured friend and her birthday suit

Conveniently, everyone’s birthday suit is free.  So she had that going for her, which is nice.   But really, my best friend Britty is celebrating her birthday this weekend.  Unfortunately, by her premature entrance into adulthood, working in her first year of her residency and me being located in Miami, we will not be celebrating together.

With her being a babe but having to spend the majority of her time in scrubs, delivering babies (no big deal), I was excited to hear she treated herself to a new dress for her birthday, until I found out it was a dress I loved and just never brought myself to buy.  Then I was just jealous of her French Connection, Fast Sidney.  ;)

Photo Credi: bloomingdales.com

I promptly asked her where she got it.  With great pride she disclosed that she did not pay full price for it.   The dress was originally $198 and she got in a flash sale on Rue La La for $79.  That is a 60% discount. Bravo Britt!!

Happy Birthday Britty!  I love you and you’re going to look amazing in your dress!  Everyone send birthday love to her on Twitter @BrittyJoK!

xo Rae