Daily Archives: November 9, 2012

80s baby, born too late

Thank God for colored denim.  How many washes of blue jeans can a girl own?  Specifically, a nearly 6′ tall girl that prefers them a little higher cut (down with low rise) – not many.  My office has a casual/non-existent dress code and the air conditioning works really well so jeans are an everyday sort of thing.  

Urban Outfitters, one of my go-to‘s, was having a sale on all of their denim.  I will literally buy almost any pair of jeans that are long enough and that I do not need to wear a belt with.  Sound weird?  Whatever, it’s difficult to find long enough jeans that aren’t identical to everything I already own.

I picked up these green BDG cigarette cut jeans.  The color isn’t too overwhelming for my long legs (think yellow, no good).  They were originally $76.  I paid $24, about 68% off and I love them.  I wear them to work, out to dinner, out on weekends, literally everywhere.  They are the perfect length for me and a little bit higher waisted.  I should have been born in the 70s.

xo Rae