Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

first impression accessories

With the ease of sending contact information via iMessage, bumping phones, emailing from our tablets and  other digitally superior avenues, it does seem like the demise of business cards may be nearing.

Personally, I am still intrigued by a uniquely designed business card.  Call me old fashion, but I think they add to the potentially game-changing first impression.  Also, there is just some degree of creepiness with the thought of some old married guy putting my contact info directly into his phone.  No thank you.

On to the dilemma, how would I protect my business cards from the overflowing innards of my purse?  Or how would I transfer them safely between handbags?  Surely, I needed a rad business card case.  If you haven’t noticed yet I like to have different things.  Unique, in that it is unlikely anyone will have the same thing, not in that everyone knows about it just can’t afford it.  I am definitely not about that life.

There is a flea market in Hallandale every Saturday and Sunday morning in the Gulfstream Dog Racing Park parking lot full of snow birds from the North.  There is a woman there, Zelda (for real), who runs my favorite booth.  Honestly, she is absolutely miserable but hands down has my favorite jewelry and other small treasures.  Here, with Zelda is where I found my beautiful little card case.

With my sub-par haggling skills, I managed to nab the card case for $7.  It needed to have these velcro things scraped off and desperately needed to be polished.  Upon doing a quick internet search, I found some cheesy ones that appeared to be of decent or similar quality for about $40.  I saved around $33 or approximately 83%.  There were much more expensive ones as well as cheap generic options available but they simply weren’t something I want to aid in my first impressions.

xo Rae