Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

in the black

Deficit, spend, debt – ahhhh.  It’s time to make some money.  I have displayed some superior savings for sure but with taking advantage of sales still comes spending cash.

How could I recoup some funds?  I recently moved from a house to a townhouse (thank God) and realized there were somethings that I simply did not need any longer.

Well I took it to Craigslist.  I sold two items, a push mower and an ottoman.  The push mower, conveniently, I didn’t purchase, however I did have some concern over why anyone would want a push mower to use in this South Florida humidity.  The ottoman seemed like a no brainer, especially since I only paid $40 for it when I found it on Craigslist about 2 years prior.

I posted the push mower as environmentally friendly and suggested it be used for small lawns or maintenance between visits from the landscapers.  Apparently, this resonated with a South Florida home owner and he gave me $65 for it.  I asked for $70 and the original cost was $80 but like I said, I didn’t pay for it so, that was pure profit.

The ottoman proved to be a little more difficult with there being a wide variety of other ottomans available on Craigslist.  Unrealistically, I posted it for exactly what I bought it for originally accepting someone would end up haggling with me and taking it for less.  It sold for $25.  Essentially, that means I paid $15 to use it for two years.

I made $90.  Perhaps that wouldn’t send me soaring into the black, but I’ll take it.  

Also, be careful selling things and posting your address on Craigslist.  I made sure to have my super strong younger brother present for both transactions.

xo Rae