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friends with benefits

There is absolutely no reason relationships between people shouldn’t be beneficial to both parties.  As I hope you have the common sense to assume, I am not going to be talking about any sort of inappropriate benefits between friends.  You guys are on your own with those “relationships”.

I am talking about a friend or acquaintance, that as a female living in a large city with a plethora of nightlife options, can facilitate some aspects of your social life, for free.  They are nightclub promoters.

It’s a mutual, almost business relationship however just like with your friends, you’ll want to be selective, as will they.

What you get:
First and foremost, free access to the venue with minimal waiting out front but never in line.  Once escorted to the table, drinks are free all night.  Some promoters hold dinners before, do pool parties or other events but generally free access, no line and free drinks are what you benefit.

What you give:
This is their job.  They make money off of your presence.  Show up on time.  It’s not that difficult, if they say midnight, get there at midnight.  Bring lots of hot, fun girlfriends.  Stand, dance, drink, enjoy yourself and if you must sit, sit where they prefer you to sit.   You and all of your girlfriends are having a free night out, if he asks you to sit on the top of the couch and not the bottom, just do it.

If you want to continue to go out with this promoter don’t be THAT girl.  Free drinks do not represent the green light to drink as much as you can and need to carried out at the end of the night.
Promoters are friendly.  They obviously need to possess an attractive quality about them to produce.  They are flirting with ALL of the girls.  Do not be jealous or needy.
Use your manners.  I know your parents all taught you how to say thank you.

Now, on to the numbers.  Cover charges vary, when the exist.  So, to start I will not be paying $20 to get in.  Over the course of the night, for the sake of numbers, let’s say I have four free drinks at the table.  Drink prices also vary $13-18.  I’ll use $16.  So, four drinks at $16 each, plus a $2 dollar gratuity on each.  Potentially, the total cost of this night would minimally be $92 and I paid nothing.  Being that I go out like this frequently enough, to different places, today’s numbers are more of any average but I still saved 100%.  Normally, the only thing my girlfriends and I end up paying for is a cab at the end of the night.

Party Get home responsibly.  :)

xo Rae