Daily Archives: November 3, 2012

featured family

Earlier in the week I requested that all my beloved readers that have been sharing their deals with me, allow me to share them with others.

My first feature came from my cousin, Becky.  It seems as though these skills, they run in the family.

Becky goes to St. John Fisher in Rochester, NY and walking to class is simply part of the territory.  While doing a little back to school shopping she scored a beautiful pair of rain boots.

Photo Credit: www.apartmentf15.blogspot.com
The Sam Edelman, Ximon rain boots were originally $89.99.  At 78% off, Becks got them at Marshall’s for $19.99.  
Not too shabby!  She says they are almost up to her knees so during the many rainy, Rochester days they keep her feet dry.  She also added that she’s confident that by adding some heavy socks or boot liners these will be perfect for winter.
So proud! 
xo Rae