Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

you better redneckognize!

Yea, I moved to South Florida, the land of no laws, and learned to shoot guns, sorta.  At Pembroke Gun & Range, that is literally located in storage facility, off of I-95, I shot a gun for the first time.  

It was always something I wanted to try but wasn’t dying to do by any means.  However, a Google Deal including gun rental, range fees, ammo, targets and safety equipment rentals was available.  Well, there’s no better time than the present.

My girlfriend and I, both with zero experience with guns, armed with our Google Deal, roll up to the range (coincidentally, almost obnoxiously both wearing particularly girly, purple t-shirts).  Upon entering, I’d assume it was apparent we were less than “experienced”,  we got about a combined 10 minute how-to/safety instruction and were pretty much allowed to have at it.

We used the same gun and took turns shooting our 50 rounds between us.  I must say, not a bad little Friday evening, kick off to the weekend and I am definitely looking forward to working on my aim.

The Google Deal was $39 for two people.  The actual price would have been $85.  Cut those both in half for my cost and I still saved 54%.

Practice makes perfect and for some reason I recall them referring to Friday night as “Ladies Night” mainly for a special discount, for the ladies, of course.

In the ever so eloquent words of the Terminator, “I’ll be back”.

xo Rae