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The Discount Diary Inventory, November

Another month of living frugally awesome is in the books.  This time around I have included some friends purchases too.  Below you will find 18 items or events that I acquired or attended.

Purchase     Original       Actual 
Badgley Mischka, Glitter shoes $245 $85
Gun Range for Two $85 $39
Same Edelman rain boots $89.99 $19.99
Partying with Promoters $92 $0
Vintage business card case * $40 $7
BDG cigarette jeans $76 $24
French Connection Fast Sidney dress $198 $79
Wynwood Second Saturdays ArtWalk $50 $0
DVF Vingtage Necklace* $250 $10
ESPN 30 for 30 DVD Box Sets $152 $108
LF tote $150 $60
2 Onna Ehrich, Rachel hobo bags $1,300 $200
bar III drop front blazer  $79 $47.50
Ashbury, Griffin sunglasses $85 $35
bar III boyfriend blazer  $79 $35
Diba Elyse boots $80 $39
Ketel One, Class Acts Open Bar event $74 $10

Once again all starred items are an estimate of the original price based on similar items.

The grand total of all of the items is $3,125 (thanks Britty for your big contribution!).  I spent $798, however I also gained an additional $90 from selling some unwanted things on Craigslist bringing my total down to $708.  I saved 77% in November. 
More money for Christmas shopping and holiday travels?
xo Rae

stay classy Miami

Pre-Thanksgiving, with a minimal work week approaching, I attempted to get some estranged friends together on the beach on a Thursday evening.  All the stars must have been aligned or perhaps it was the promise of free vodka, but I managed.

Ketel One and Blackbook Mag have teamed up to recognize and throw events hosted by their Class Acts.   Class Acts are defined as follows, “someone every guy aspires to be – the perfect mix of charisma and care. These guys define selflessness and good company.”  They also go on to call them “distinguished gentleman” and introduce their selected Class Acts.  Ummm, two please?

The event was hosted at Wall, the lounge/nightclub in the W South Beach.  Fancy, huh?  Each of us simply had to RSVP in advance, therefore forfeiting our email addresses to an unknown promotional company in exchange for 3 early evening hours of Ketel One open bar.

They were serving specialty cocktails and light bites. I’ll use the magical number from my previous post about going out with promoters and estimate drinks to run about $16 per person.  We had 6 people in our group, averaging about 4 drinks each.

Personally, I ended up spending $10 to tip the bartenders.  Using 4 drinks at $16 plus my $10 tip, my total should have been $74.

Events like these are not a rarity.  My guy friends were absolutely shocked as they have less than frugal spending habits when in bars.  They were in total disbelief of how little they spent and what a great evening it ended up being.

And here’s a little bonus tip, I find my favorite events posted on Twitter by @SamsaysMiami and @soflanights.  Now off to make my Basel schedule filled with as many similar events as possible!

xo Rae

Stay classy Miami!

it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

And I got caught up in it.  I ended up with some extra family and friend laced, holiday leftover trodden, sleep overloaded days.  Never having done Black Friday’s crack of dawn sales, I ended up venturing out of the house for some browsing Friday evening.

As ridiculous as it may seem, while overlooking my parents snow covered front lawn, I was thinking about a pair of more rugged boots to wear specifically with shorts or dresses (or jeans I suppose) with a medium heel.  I recently learned that my very own (very small) mall in my hometown recently opened a DSW.  Thank God.

Not only did I come across a pair of shoes I will be ordering online, I found what I believe will be a great addition to my Miami winter wear.

I picked up the Diba Elyse booties.  They aren’t a really expensive brand to begin with being originally $80, however the adjustable strap to close the boot tighter around the ankle, extreme comfort and the incredible price made these a perfect fit for what I was looking for.  So far, I’ve already worn them with a flowy, girly dress, tights and a crop leather jacket out on Saturday night and jeans and a chunky sweater during the daytime to the mall.

They were marked down to $54.95 from $80, with an additional 30% off bringing the total to about $39, just under a total savings of 50%.

Who needs Black Friday when you get deals daily?  Not me.

xo Rae

old habits die hard

I know last week I was campaigning for the end of the boyfriend blazer, which honestly I still feel the same way.  However, there is a time and a place for everything and I stepped outside my neutral colored box and got a red open front boyfriend blazer.

This bar III blazer seemed like the most appropriate option for Thanksgiving Day with my entire family at my parents house.  I paired it with dark denim, high waisted jeans, a gray tucked in tee and accessorized with my Michael Kors watch and DVF necklace.

The blazer was originally $79 and I got it at Macy’s for only $35.  I suppose boyfriend blazers do not need to be completely buried, just utilized appropriately.

xo Rae 

Giving F’ing Thanks

With holiday travels and getting to be with some very important people in the next couple days I think I have to speak on some priceless things in my life.  So here it is.  I want to give some F’ing thanks.

The Four F’s I’m Thankful For:

My FAMILY, is truly amazing.  I mean look at them. Really though, my mom is my best friend and I am very blessed to have an extended family that is so close.  Luckily, I even get real family time in Miami with The Grangers.  Love you guys!

I couldn’t be luckier than to have some awesome FRIENDS.  Obviously, not all of them pictured but I am eternally grateful for my girlfriends ready to chat on my morning commutes, sleepovers at 27, and not only being there for me but allowing me to be there for them.  No one tells you what real life is like in your (dare I say) late 20s, thank God it’s you guys I get to go through it with.

I’m still learning and although I may not have fulfilled every goal as I wished in the past, I have to be thankful for the FAILURES I’ve endured and overcome.  No need to provide pictures or elaborate on this, you all get it.

Lastly, I am so grateful that I value, have the ability/means and people in my life to have FUN with.  Let’s never stop doing that.

Have a safe, wonderful holiday everyone!

Also, I don’t do black Friday, however I will be shopping the early bird, Gilt mobile deals at 9pm!

xo Rae

ashbury griffins

sunny place, shady people

Unfortunately, I am particularly prone to accosting permanent damage to my sunglasses, historically.  I’m working on it though.  Regardless, as a perfect pair of shades are an absolute necessity in Miami, I prefer not to collect cheap ones.

Luckily, my favorite pair have made it nearly a year.  I picked up my Griffins, by Ashbury at the Miami, Gilt City, Raid the Warehouse sale last February.  They really are great quality.  I literally just sat on them in a dressing room on Saturday and they went right back to their shape.

On the Ashbury website, Griffins are listed at $85.  They can be found cheaper on different websites.  I came across them while battling the other shoppers at the warehouse sale.  I really liked them but they did not have a tag.  Later, I was able to hunt down one of Gilt’s curators and get a price.  Sold.  I paid $35 which is just under 60% off.

I have been eyeing this really great pair of D&G’s – think I’m ready to get a grown up pair yet?

xo Rae   

the boyfriendless blazer

With approximately 6 months of nights rarely dipping below 80, I seemed to have forgotten what a nice blazer can do for an outfit.  Prompted by the upcoming week I’ll be spending in NY, I pulled out a couple of my blazers and honestly they were looking a little boxy/baggy.  I do recall being really into the boyfriend blazer.  Boyfriendless, I went in search of more of a statement and structure.  After a lovely Saturday morning of bottomless mimosas, I decided to check out Macy’s as they were flooding my inbox with sale alerting emails.

I ended up coming across this bar III, open, cropped, drop front blazer.  It’s kind of textured with some subtle details on the shoulders and elbows.  This is exactly the structure I was looking for.  The short back still shows my waist unlike the boyfriend blazers but the cut in the front is less casual than a regular cropped jacket.

The original price was $79 and it was marked down $47.50.  As usual, once you use the little price checker or pay with your Macy’s card some miraculous bonus savings usually cuts the price down even more and it did.  At about a 55% discount, I paid $35.50 and wore the above outfit out on a mild Miami, November evening with my DVF necklace and Ted Baker booties.

xo Rae

my girlfriends have a lot of baggage too

I am so impressed.  This is two weeks in a row that Britty got a killer deal.  I used to have to DRAG her into sales.  I am so proud!  She called this week with another great gift suggestion.  Conveniently, I get to share this with you because the receiver, her sister, knows she is getting this for Christmas.

She purchased the Onna Ehrich, Rachel hobo bag for her sister and herself.  It says it is originally priced at $650.  I did find some other places online where it was available for about $280 however, Britty only paid $99 for each and the best part is, the deal is still available for you here!

Two bags at originally $650 would’ve cost $1300.  Britt only paid $200.  That is an 85% savings.  Nicely done!

xo Rae